resistance vita and spec ops

  • Jul. 1st, 2012 at 3:18 PM
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THIS ENTRY IS JUST TALKING ABOUT GAMES. everyone on my flist loves games, right!?1/1/1!??/1!

first is kind of a sad disappointing game. resistance never deserved this. :'c

second is an AMAZING OH MY GOD I LOVE IT game. spec ops was well worth the long wait.

also somewhat related. did anyone hear of the Watch Dogs ARG fail?

well. i was on that. i have like. 70 emails in my inbox from these guys. all because ubisoft accidentally my email. it was hilarious until some dbag started adverting his dumb tumbly. i like how ubisoft has said nothing about this, despite accidentallying like 1000 email addresses. NBD THIS HAPPENS DON'T SAY ANYTHING. can i have a free copy of watch dogs for getting all of these email spam including from some hipster dbag and his tumbly.

i would share caps of the email chain because some of the replies are hilarious (all the ones calling ubisoft failures, mostly) but gmail is being a jerkbag and i cant figure out how to cap an entire chain of like 70 gmails. if someone can tell me i will show you.

Resistance: Burning Skies )

Spec Ops: The Line )


  • Jun. 4th, 2012 at 8:25 PM
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WELP. nothing inFamous related AT ALL came out of E3. I'm super disappointed, to say the least. They even name-dropped Cole in the start of the conference and it got me so super excited AND THEN......nothing. Not even a reveal for All-Stars. The new characters turned out to be Nathan Drake (from Uncharted ofc) and the Big Daddy from Bioshock. |:

No Overstrike. Nothing really for Vita except the new Assassin Creed game...

Quantic Dream did announce their new game which looks pretty interesting. I have somewhat of a personal problem with it that I won't get into here as I'm sure I'll get over it... but yeah. I'd like to know more about the plot. :I It looks impressive so far though.

However the one game that did catch my attention? WATCH DOGS. From the Ubisoft panel. When it started with the explanation trailer I was like "what am I watching. what is this. what" but it was super interesting...and it panned out from there and by the end I was trying to throw money at my TV.

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