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  • Sep. 26th, 2008 at 12:24 AM
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Well, I've been watching more TV since I got a DVR and I felt the need to utilize it's recording abilities. Sooooo I started recording stuff I'd heard of in hopes to find it to be good.

So far I've gotten super hooked on the Office. I saw a few re-runs on TBS and then bought all four seasons on DVD. Tonight was the premiere of the 5th season, so that was really fun. For the most part though, I've just been recording shit off of adult swim, because my TV knowledge is so tiny, idk what is good. HAHA.

but yea anyway I started this new show, on fox, called Fringe. It's ... strange... but for some reason I'm getting super hooked on it. Though, I do NOT recommend it for people faint of heart at ALL. The first 5 minutes of episode one had melty people and some guy's jaw melted right off his face... lol... then later one there was a guy with TRANSPARENT SKIN (oh hi organs :'D). I thought it was pretty cool looking tbh but I know some people that would cry tears of blood if they saw that. So yea, if you hear me talking about Fringe later on, and think it sounds cool, MIGHT WANNA RE-THINK THAT, GAIZ, IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE STUFF.

Episode two had it's special moments as well, I don't think I'll go too deeply into that one because even I was like "WHAT THE FUK." about it.

I'm just waiting for zombies to happen because they keep talking about reanimation. LOL. I've only seen the first two episodes right now and the 3rd one is still on my DVR... yep.

Overall though it's pretty interesting. I like how they have super crazy medical things happen and then come up with some kind of explanation for it (even if it is weird.) I'm glad they're not being like "OMG ITS ALIENS!11!" cuz I'd enjoy it less if it was. ALIENS SEEM SO OVER DONE. ): SIGH.

But yea, the office and fringe are my newest TV shows I'm into.

AN ADDED BONUS THOUGH!! The first episode of Fringe, towards the end the bottom right corner was saying "24 Preview Next" AND I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. Most people know I'm a totally psychotic 24 fan creature. YES. But then I started freaking out that my DVR would have cut it off, and considering it was taped on Sunday 3 weeks ago, GETTING THAT DATA BACK WOULD BE REALLY HARD.

Though luckily I set my DVR to record 1 min before and 1 min after (because networks are dumb and I've had the start of shows cut off a lot. :\) and if I didn't do that it would have cut in the middle of the 24 preview. :'D YAY.

So now I'm ready to add 24 to my DVR record list, too bad I can't schedule it ahead to November. JACK BAUER IN HD. LOL.

But yeah, I suppose that's all. I really want that freaking webkinz dragon. On Oct 1st I'm going to be calling stores to see who has it. Since the hallmark I work in only gets webkinz about 1/2 the time and I don't want to lose my chance to get the dragon for less than 10 million dollars. Whahahahs i'm a nerd.

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