my accomplishments for yesterday

  • Apr. 15th, 2011 at 8:02 PM
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yesterday a group of experts ([ profile] antoj [ profile] thekayla and [ profile] eyebrowaddict) identified all the tattoos on Cole's arms. SOMEHOW THIS FEELS LIKE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT.

also i published my mission "Throw trash at cars" which stands with 3 plays and a 2/5 star rating atm.... :D at least it's not one star, right? yet. its super pointless though, which is probably why it has such a low rating but its ok... just wait until i really start unleashing atrocities upon the infamous 2 level building community. IT WILL BE GLORIOUS.

though i do kind of have an idea for a serious-ish mission that i might try to make... but idk. :D WE'LL SEE.

i also found out how much fun it is to launch cars directly into the air and then shoot them 2428290 times with the lightning bolt so they explode before hitting the ground. SO MUCH FUN. also cole has this hilarious prancing animation if you walk while levitating objects it is amazing

i also updated my infamous collection site: which is here. If anyone wants to affiliate it (lol doubtful) lemme know.

i leik infamous

  • Nov. 19th, 2010 at 11:15 PM
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I UPDATED MY INFAMOUS COLLECTION SITE. I was going to add a box for affiliates on the front page, but then I would need a link banner.....and then i realized my site does not have a name. "infamous collection" is a terrible name okay it needs a name what do i call it. inb4 electricity puns

all i added to my site was the soundtrack and some stuff in the wishlist. I FOUND A NEW ARTBOOK. D: .....D: D: D: i bet it is the same one i already have but its ~*~spiral bound~*~ so i want it anyway. salksalklasfkakf. also i really want to find where this image came from!!! the site i found the image on was talking about giving away artbooks so i am thinking its from an artbook. ;-; idk though cuz i have not seen it anywhere else. THIS UPSETS ME I NEED TO KNOW /sobs/

i am also going to post this ~*~lj christmas wishlist~*~ thing i've been seeing going around.
but it is going under a cut )

Day 10 - best gameplay )
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First up, I posted a new intro post. nothing that interesting but i thought i'd share anywaysssss.

So like i've done a lot of 30 day memes that I never finish cuz I get bored of them. or they ask questions I don't want to answer. :\ BUT THIS ONE IS ABOUT ~*~VIDYA GAMES~*~ so i will probably finish this one. AWW YEAA.

TODAY ALSO I CLEANED MY DESK SO MY DESK IS CLEAN AND I LIKE ITTTTTTT. inb4 i clog it up with crap again :D LOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL. When I was cleaning off my desk I obviously had to move everything off it. I have Cole and Zeke p much permanently stationed on my desk so I moved them into my chair and they kind of ended up like this w/o me doing it on purpose (srsly).

Also this XP8 song is like my current favorite rn. JUST FELT LIKE SHARING.

anyways the meme is under the cut.
Day 1 - Very first video game. )

i have another mini comic in mind rn. I STILL WANNA GET A WEBSITE FOR MY COMICS MAAAAAAADE. but IDK what web software to use. |: I could do it all manually but what a pain in the ass. Dynamic content is where its at, yo.

also my dad is quitting WoW...YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS TO ME OMG. i need to get him hooked on pstriple games now it is my goal. but not on my triple


  • Oct. 6th, 2010 at 3:26 PM
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also don't be put off cuz i post 650 million journals a day, if you missed the art you requested check my previous post for the dump, its in there.

inFAMOUS collection site

  • Aug. 3rd, 2010 at 9:53 PM
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o hai.

i finished that infamous collection site. lolloolol. I keep wondering if I forgot something, BUT I DON'T THINK I DID. so yea, look at all the useless inFAMOUS shit I have. you're all jealous.


idk what else to type here.

i want a fucking magikarp.

ok bye


  • Aug. 2nd, 2010 at 10:33 PM
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stop teasing me, insomniac, this hurts ok. /sad violin. though I guess they've been doing this.

in other news



A SHINY MAGIKARP PLUSH. but i can't find one. I also shouldn't spend money on one but lololol i kind of want johto charms too but i don't want gyarados. :'c sad.

that reminds me that i totally never play soul silver anymore, but instead just use it to update my pokewalker. :'D lololollolol. cole's magikarp is level 25 or something now.

and i'm also annoyed that the sun doesn't wanna come out anymore cuz I need to get pictures of the rest of my infamous shit for that website I'm trying to make. I KIND OF DONT WANT SHAT PICTURES BUT NOOOOOOO.

yep yep this post is pretty much pointless, i just wanted to say how much i am sitting over here clinging to my computer screen while obsessively refreshing my email/twitter for news from insomniac. :I AUGUST IS THE MONTH. AUGUST IS THE MONTH best month ever.

one more thing: PS3 is the official console of new zealand: and its all because of kevin butler. i hope sony never gets rid of kevin butler. he is the best.

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