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resistance vita and spec ops

  • Jul. 1st, 2012 at 3:18 PM
antoj: (well)
THIS ENTRY IS JUST TALKING ABOUT GAMES. everyone on my flist loves games, right!?1/1/1!??/1!

first is kind of a sad disappointing game. resistance never deserved this. :'c

second is an AMAZING OH MY GOD I LOVE IT game. spec ops was well worth the long wait.

also somewhat related. did anyone hear of the Watch Dogs ARG fail?

well. i was on that. i have like. 70 emails in my inbox from these guys. all because ubisoft accidentally my email. it was hilarious until some dbag started adverting his dumb tumbly. i like how ubisoft has said nothing about this, despite accidentallying like 1000 email addresses. NBD THIS HAPPENS DON'T SAY ANYTHING. can i have a free copy of watch dogs for getting all of these email spam including from some hipster dbag and his tumbly.

i would share caps of the email chain because some of the replies are hilarious (all the ones calling ubisoft failures, mostly) but gmail is being a jerkbag and i cant figure out how to cap an entire chain of like 70 gmails. if someone can tell me i will show you.

Today instead of getting up i hid in my room in the dark on my vita so no one would know I was awake BUT I PLAYED SOME RESISTANCE: BURNING SKIES. uhm. yea. not gonna lie, i went into the game feeling overly critical of it in the first place, but i haven't been wow'd by it either.

all the guns sound like popcorn. seriously. its like they recorded the sound of microwave popcorn and put it for the sound of ALL THE GUNS. even the ones that in the ps3 games, do not have the same sound. the bullseye is the first gun you pick up in the game, which when fired in ANY OTHER RESISTANCE GAME has a bit of a lasery sound to it. in burning skies? its popcorn. hollow empty popcorn sound. IDK WHY ITS BUGGING ME SO MUCH BUT IT IS.


and dem controls. i like the dual sticks, i like pretty much everything but holy god the shoehorned in touch controls. DNW. want to use secondary fire on your guns? i understand there is a lack of R2 like in the console games, but srsly, putting secondary fire on a button on the side of the touch screen, or even using the rear panel to fire it would be better than tappping the screen. YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR HAND OFF THE CONTROLS TO PRESS THE SCREEN TO SHOOT THINGS. also for grenades? there is a grenade virtual button on the side, COOL RIGHT!??! NOPE!!!!!!!! YOU GOTTA DRAG AND DROP THE GRENADE ICON ONTO ENEMIES. IN THE MIDDLE OF A REAL TIME FIREFIGHT. yes i died like 3 times trying to throw grenades because of this and now i hate them even though i usually love grenades in games :( also crossbow? GOTTA RELOAD DAT THINGS SECONDARY FIRE BY DRAGGING YOUR FINGER ACROSS THE ENTIRE SCREEN. wanna use auger shield?! GOTTA DRAG BOTH THUMBS ACROSS THE SCREEN. BOTH OF THEM.


also the game looks like a PSP game. which is okay i guess.........................if it was a PSP. im usually nto a stickler on graphics but when EVERYTHING ELSE IS LACKING i will notice it. also i dont give a shit about any of the characters so far. they scared you into thinkng one of them died (already) and i was like " i supposed to care?" also this is supposed to take place in New York right at the start of the east coast chimeran invasion. WHICH SOUNDS SUPER COOL but then the civilians are already like OH MY GOD ITS THE CHIMERA and im like " guys shouldnt even know what these are." I MEAN IN THE GAME'S CANON they are from europe first, but the US govt put up propoganda and shit all "ITS JUST A ~*~EUROPEAN FLU~*~ YOU SHOULDN'T GO VACATION THERE YOU WILL GET SICK OK" but nowhere did they say it was like creepy weird somehow manaliens destroying all the things and spreading like a plague. so how do the citizens of new york already calling them chimera...and i IT BARELY MAKES SENSE IN CANON. even in resistance 1 when they're deploying some american troops over in europe to halp with the invasion they're all like WTF ARE THESE THINGS. so how do civilians know? huh. how?

its bcuz nihilistic sucks.

also i was hoping for more out of the axe but its kind of terrible. i couldnt even cut up a bunch of tiny leapers with it. he swings it like he's made out of molasses. i mean i swear capelli was more efficient at using a sledgehammer in r3 than mr fireman is at his ~*~signature axe~*~

AND THEN SONY RELEASED A STATEMENT SAYING THEY'RE NOT SURE IF THERE WILL EVER BE MORE RESISTANCE GAMES. wtf?! you're going to let this terribad game be the last memory of resistance!? ;-; all my cry.

but i say this as i plan to platinum the game anyway. the trophies look so easy and bare minimum. there is intel in the game and not even a trophy for collecting all of it. :I and there's no difficulty trophy. which means i can play this on easy and not give a fuck. THOUGH NGL THE GAME IS KIND OF EASY ANYWAY BCUZ OF THE SHIT AI. let us all clump together and never move. that isnt begging for a grenade.

oh yea even the run cycles on the chimera are awkward.

am i being nit picky enough yet?! i cannot believe i typed up this much for this game. im sad.

but also if you want to hear about games that are actually good? Spec Ops: The Line oh golly. dis game. i had been looking forward to it for a long time now. over a year, closer to two, maybe? and it delivers SO MUCH. the story is... amazing. and its REALLY DARK. for being a military shooter it doesn't follow the conventional story telling methods. it gave me a lot of feelings while playing. im definitely going to play it again, and maybe even try to pick up the platinum trophy for it (THERE IS A DIFFICULTY ONE THOUGH WHICH WILL BE THE SOURCE OF ALL MY RAGE, BUT I WILL TRY) and its just......its great. it has like, choices you can make, a few times in the game and they're always "I DON'T LIKE EITHER OF THESE CHOICES :(" and sometimes i'd have to pause and set the controller down and just THINK WHAT I WANTED TO PICK. also multiple endings. after i beat it, i reloaded the ending chapters like 5 times just to see what would happen each time lol.

the game is beautiful too. it has a unique sandstorms thing too, due to the setting, and you can like, shoot out windows or ceilings on enemies and sand will fall on them... and sometimes when you're outside, sand storms will start and enemies will be harder to see (and they cant see you as well either) and its just.... *_* its great.

i could talk more but im afraid i might get spoily with it and i dnw to do that. but if you like TPS games and want something different i recommend this. also the developers are being super adorable about it on twitter and replying to like everyone who talks about it lol. they were telling me before the game came out that they'd hope i would enjoy it. BUT SERIOUSLY IT'S REALLY GOOD AND THE GAME IS FUN AND AND AND THE STORY IS AMAZING......and the developers seem like a cool guy too....and in august there is going to be ~*~free dlc~*~ so there is that too.


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Jul. 2nd, 2012 03:44 am (UTC)
all of these things about burning skies are making me sad too. :( Especially the stuff about the story? Like... the setting is kind of one of my fave things in resistance. Having just finished the other novel it's still fresh in my mind and it just makes me sad to hear they don't respect that. I hope they don't try fucking with any of the cool plot/backstory stuff that insomniac had been setting up or that would leave an even worse taste, I think. :/ I'm kind of curious about this game just because I really like resistance but I'm also kind of hoping I'll forget about it by the time I actually get a vita? At least it's going to be an easy plat for you?? IT CAN MAKE UP FOR HOW IMPOSSIBLE R2'S PLAT IS. :'D

also stop tempting me with spec ops the line jerk. :( It sounds rly cool but I wanna wait on getting any new games for a while. Maybe I'll just rob a bank so I can justify it. >>
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Jul. 7th, 2012 05:56 am (UTC)
well this takes place before r2 and r3... lol.

AND YEAH IDK. im not thrilled but im still gonna beat it. :I im too much of a fan of the series to ignore this haha. plus i already bought it so im stuck with it now. :D

im not gonna.

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