Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway

  • Jan. 27th, 2012 at 12:41 PM
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Zeke from inFamous.

I don't really need to go into why, do I?

other than the fact that he is the coolest bro ever.


Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

  • Dec. 13th, 2011 at 6:13 PM
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....not dying?

or uhm, my arm healing itself.

OH EVEN BETTER, moar information on Overstrike. *_* of these three things, this is the easiest to accomplish

i've gotten 1 christmas card today, from [livejournal.com profile] pheonixxfoxx and a delicious piece of maple candy...which i have yet to try. i need to save it to enjoy at the best possible moment. i also got that mystery inFamous 2 dvd BUT I'VE YET TO OPEN IT. i want to see what's on it because mystery but the collector part of me is crying inside because it's so minty sealed in its original wrapper. so much dilemma.

i'm too tired to be more coherent

Writer's Block: Hobby Lobby

  • Nov. 9th, 2011 at 4:35 PM
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gee idk. something about this ps3 game inFamous. You've probably not heard of it...and I hardly ever mention it so it's probably a huge shock to you all, huh?


anyway other collections, video game stuff...mostly this gen. I have a lot of random figurines related to series that i like. like, I have the Resistance line of figurines, and most of the Ratchet & Clank figures...and 1 Helghast. :'D still wish they would make the actual characters from killzone.. plus the CEs of the same series that I enjoy... this year saw pretty much all of them though. I skipped the Killzone one partly because its freaking huge and also because it was expensive. :'D I still managed to end up with inFamous 2(x3...) Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 though. ...............ah, and I'm getting an Adam Jensen figurine too that comes with the european Deus Ex CE. it was recently on sale and i got it for the same price as the US CE (but the US one doesn't come with the figure...which retails for $50 on its own. YEA. GREAT DEAL IM EXCITED)

i kind of like to have a shirt or some other kind of thing (poster, if theres room on my wall :D:D:D:D) of a series i like as well. Like, I have the Heavy Rain press kit, EU SE and a poster. Fallout 3/NV CEs and a Fallout 3 poster... Resistance 3 poster. Resistance 2 press kit, Resistance: Retribution EU SE. I also got the comic series for inFamous, Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. and uhm, I downloaded the Deus Ex comics but I don't have them in physical format bcuz im too lazy to see if my comic shop has them. SOMEDAY

I kinda want the Deus EX CE guide as well but i'm not gonna pay a lot of money for it. i have the regular one and im not sure if the content in the CE one is all that different. :I

BUT YEA I MOSTLY COLLECT VIDEO GAME STUFF RN. and by video game stuff i mean sony franchises + Deus Ex/Fallout. im a hopeless fangirl... :D

pogglemen i haven't bought anything for in a long time bcuz inFamous accidentally all my extra money. but I like Wails. a lot. and Hoppip, and Groudon. and bellsprout bcuz he is the best dont even lie my collections aren't too impressive though. IDK.

tl;dr: inFamous is my passion. (but you already knew this)

Writer's Block: Leaping from the page

  • Jun. 17th, 2011 at 2:34 AM
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there are rights to an infamous movie by sony pictures somewhere but whether or not they do anything with it is another story. i am excited and terrified by this all at the same time, ngl.

of course the most important part is if they can get zeke right, obviously.

Writer's Block: The name game

  • Jan. 31st, 2011 at 8:29 PM
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I've already changed my username on LJ, actually.

it used to be lawlietxlight because I was never planning to use this journal for reals. I made the account on my phone in the lobby of Anime Expo while waiting for a ride....just for kicks. :| At the time I was using another journal site so I was like w/e w/e I won't use this!!

but then i accidentally LJ and it bugged me I had this super weeaboo name for something I wasn't super into atm. I actually had an older LJ that had this name, I got back into it and then used a rename token to steal its name for this journal.

Which....AntoJ is part of my online alias username thing: Anto J Lareneg. Which I have been using since arouuuuuuuuuund 2002~2003? idk exactly. BUT A LONG LONG TIME. it was actually the name of one of my OCs at the time, I made an AIM name with his name and started using it, made a dA account with his name/etc....and then soon people were calling me Anto and well.......it stuck. i've since somewhat changed that OCs name btw...but only slightly.

Writer's Block: Out, Out Damn Spot!

  • Aug. 1st, 2010 at 3:51 PM
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or insomniac games.

or infamous.

or all of the above.

but they all fit into "playstation triple" anyway.


it impacts my life by making me post 28947278 journals a day about everything insomniac games does ever...or anything about infamous or like....the amount of dust on [livejournal.com profile] shuttlebus_ps3.


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