game b trollin'

  • Nov. 16th, 2011 at 8:12 PM
antoj: (jensen again)
so like. i enjoy collecting trophies in games. its fun. im only 2 platinum trophies away from 10!! (for those that don't know, platinum trophies are awarded to players that get all the trophies available in game :U ooh aah)

i expected deus ex to be number 9. which i had full intentions on getting tonight.

this game also has trophies for not tripping an alarm and not killing any of the things in the entire game. i thought those would be pretty hard esp after hearing about people that tried them, got to the end, and then didn't get them somehow.

so imagine me when i have 3 trophies left to trigger for my last one, the ending credits are playing... no kills trophy pops. YAY. no alarms trophy pops. DOUBLE YAY. i eagerly await one more to pop and the delicious platinum trophy........................but it doesn't.

which one didn't work?? the BEAT THE GAME ON HARDEST DIFFICULTY ONE.....despite the fact i put it on the hardest difficulty upon starting and never even looked in the options menu since starting. SO WTF GAME. WTFFFFFFFF. Y U DO THIS TO ME.

i even tried beating the last boss again JUST IN CASE it would remind the game it forgot something. BUT NO. FOR SOME REASON, THE DIFFICULTY TROPHY WAS GLITCHED ON THAT FILE. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

so now.

i have to play the game again. :I

..............for probably one of the easier trophies in the game. at least i got the no alarms and no kills trophy. bcuz now i can hack terminals and make robots and turrets kill all the things while i continue to not give a fuck. BUT IM STILL MAD AND ANGRY

i kinda wanna know what negated it. like, seriously. bcuz im calling straight up glitches. >:I

yes this is a giant rant about invisible trophies that probably no one can relate to but IM ANNOYED OK. esp when i saw the other two pop and it got my hopes up that OMG I DID A THING I DID IT OMGOMGOMG but then was like ".............................:D where's the last one?"


k the end
well a third play means i can look for even more subtle hints for my ship in here so at least there's that

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