When did I ever become such a whiny person?

  • Jul. 14th, 2008 at 4:17 PM
antoj: (Curious)
So like today I went to the doctor to get a mole biopsied. First time ever doing that and I didn't expect much. The last two times I went to the doctor I wasn't too worried about it. This time though, oh ohoho.

First of all I was put into a different room. The other rooms look all check-up ish and normal... this looked like a surgery room, also they had the little baby-shaped tables that they use for circumsizing infants (they have arm and leg straps in them so the baby cant flail about, because yea, it hurts.) hanging on the wall. It was like, wow, isn't this great.

Eh well I tried to get over that one too.

Doctor comes in, looks at my moles and decides another doctor should do the one on my back, but then she sees one on my arm and is all "oh wow i should do this one" and then another on my leg. Alright, didn't seem so bad, she just said she'd numb it, "punch it" (think hole puncher/cookie cutter) and put two stitches in it. Eh, that didn't sound TOO bad either.

Then like... she did the one on my leg first... injection time... That one hurt, a whole fucking lot, and I have pretty high pain tolerance... I got all whiny and tense and tried not to move much and the doctor's like "I'm sorry it's almost over just hold on" she stabs it 3 more times with the needle. AUGGHUH. Everything else after that was easy, feeling the stitches go in was super gross feeling but it didn't hurt or bother me too much. While she was doing the "punch" on my leg mole I could still feel the pain from the injection. :S

The doctor said its because the leg has all the muscle in it, and it spasms... stupid body.


The one on my arm was almost the same deal, but it hurt WAY less than my leg one, it was more on terms with dentist needle stabbing but if the one on my leg was like that I wouldn't have minded so much.

After it was over though, I felt totally jacked up... sick feeling kinda... felt like I'd fall down the stairs of the building lmao.. also my nose started running a lot afterwards. ~sigh~

I know during the leg one I felt like my temperature spiked up suddenly, probably from all the stupid adrenaline, which was also probably why I was so sick/shaky/stupid after.

lmaoooo when did i get to be so whinnyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Also, I can't get it wet for two days.

Wonder how I'm going to fare on Wednesday at work, If I can't even shower because it might cause infection, I'm sure the LAST thing it needs on it is dirty dog water.


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