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2012-05-31 02:49 pm

a playfire gem

yesterday i was feeling exceptionally opinionated about inFamous.

it resulted in someone with the worst english i've ever seen attempt to call me names.

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2011-05-30 11:43 pm


so today i got all the steam-trophies for half-life 2. yaaaaaaay. now the episodes should go on sale so i can beat them too ;-;

but at the end of ravenholm in the mines, in the bottom part with thousands of poison and fast headcrabs i found something amusing
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2011-05-14 12:29 pm


yesterday i went to gamestop to finish paying off LA Noire. I did this in case my surgery leaves me in too much pain to go get it myself i can try to beg someone else to get it for me. but i doubt it will work cuz no one gives a shit olololol BUT ANYWAYS.... I also was gonna ask the gamestop dude if I could take a picture of their inFAMOUS 2 display for my website....the wishlist, you know?

But it wasn't up anymore! So instead I asked him what happened to it and he just whisks it out from behind the counter and presents it to me. I was like "I can have this?" AND THUS IT WAS SO...

Its also freaking huge (here is another one with my cat for size ref lol)

I've already put it up.

Also the guy at gamestop said he'd hold the other smaller inFAMOUS 2 display poster for me when the game comes out. I have the best gamestop.
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2011-04-19 03:14 pm

eh wot


because they just sent me another beta invite lol. this is kind of funny... :'D

I did ask them on twitter if I'm supposed to have it because the email sent to me has links that are specific to my email address and I don't want to mess anything up. /paranoid btw/ But if not then lololol someone is getting a beta code.

actually this is technically the third beta code i've been sent, but the second one was a "fix" code because my account was locked out of the beta forums for some reason

ALSO ACCORDING TO THE WEBSITE NO ONE ELSE HAS PLAYED MY MISSION. :C I would try posting it in the beta forums but I'd feel bad posting my crap mission. LMAO I BARELY SPENT LIKE 15 MINUTES PUTTING IT TOGETHER. IT DOES NOT DESERVE POPULARITY... but it amuses me anyway.

i've also discovered i can forgive sucker punch for removing the ability to punch things with Cole's face because now you can throw everything that isn't nailed down at EVERYTHING. i killed an enemy with a porta-potty last night. something i'd been trying to do on infamous 1 for a while now ngl I also killed a joe with a shopping cart, a dumpster, a traffic cone... i was even throwing wooden pallets and trash cans with fires in them at some joes. skdaldksald.

also its super hilarious to me when you throw an item just right, and it hits a corner or something and rockets 10000000mph in the opposite direction after it bounces. this is the kind of thing that can literally entertain me for hours. good job, sp, good job

it just occurred to me that infamous 2 is less than 2 months away from being released. ffffffff yes. LMAO I FOUND OUT TOO, THAT I UPLOADED A STUPID INFAMOUS 2 DOODLE COMIC ABOUT THE NEW ZEKE/COLE EXACTLY ONE YEAR BEFORE THE GAME WOULD COME OUT. does this count as predicting it?
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2011-02-09 10:55 pm


i am seriously all excited about this possible infamous2 CE you dont even know ok. except you do but yea......yea its making me want to put together a Cole cosplay now. slaldkd I AM STILL MEANING TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT HIS JACKET BUT skaljfs fdsajlsfljk aslk lsakdjl stuff keeps happening lol. I REALLY WANT TO THOUGH. idec if i am the exact opposite of him I WILL DO WHAT I WANT AND BE THE COOLEST GUY THAT NO ONE WILL RECOGNIZE AT ANIME EXPO. /nerd btw/

I think Cole's pants would be something I could buy....and then like PUT DUCT TAPE ON THE SIDE LOL. I know its not officially duct tape on his design... but in the concept arts or w/e BUT I THINK THE DUCT TAPE IS THE BEST IDEA. it makes him more classy too... so it should be canon.

rofl rofl rofllllll also i posted about the comics yesterday, right? WELL...after i posted them I started talking to them w/ my buddies in chat and we started loling at some things in them. IM NGL, I AM NOT THE HUGEST FAN OF THIS ART, BUT IF IT THE STORY IS COOL OR IT HAS EPIC SHENANIGANS I WILL BE ALL OVER IT ANYWAY. i will still buy them anyway.... :C

but i have some pictures of two things that i was loling forever about last night...

to give an idea, zeke has apparently been replaced by someone else... )
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2010-10-12 12:48 am

cole learned levitate


1) i drawed this. idk why my draws keep getting huger and huger but they do. ps kind of an inside joke maybe but w/e

2) When you see it you will lol (maybe...well i am amuse by it)

3) I MADE A VIDEO. kind of. i actually just recorded some inFAMOUS footage and slapped a lady gaga song in the background. in this video is a glitch i probably should have put in my previous entry, as i've messed around with this before but WHATEVER TOO LATE. basically inFAMOUS touts being able to go ~*~EVERYWHERE~*~ right? well there is somewhere the game doesn't let you go...and if you try then idk i guess cole gets a new superpower...

spoilers: he learns levitate )
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2010-09-20 02:30 am

what the hell are you doing mister

what is he doing. i was just trying to aim at some shit on the floor from on a beam and then his head got all stupid. so i took a picture. he looks drunk. stop drinking cole. you need to save empire city you goddamn slacker.

a crandle )
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2010-09-16 09:03 pm
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2010-08-02 10:33 pm


stop teasing me, insomniac, this hurts ok. /sad violin. though I guess they've been doing this.

in other news



A SHINY MAGIKARP PLUSH. but i can't find one. I also shouldn't spend money on one but lololol i kind of want johto charms too but i don't want gyarados. :'c sad.

that reminds me that i totally never play soul silver anymore, but instead just use it to update my pokewalker. :'D lololollolol. cole's magikarp is level 25 or something now.

and i'm also annoyed that the sun doesn't wanna come out anymore cuz I need to get pictures of the rest of my infamous shit for that website I'm trying to make. I KIND OF DONT WANT SHAT PICTURES BUT NOOOOOOO.

yep yep this post is pretty much pointless, i just wanted to say how much i am sitting over here clinging to my computer screen while obsessively refreshing my email/twitter for news from insomniac. :I AUGUST IS THE MONTH. AUGUST IS THE MONTH best month ever.

one more thing: PS3 is the official console of new zealand: and its all because of kevin butler. i hope sony never gets rid of kevin butler. he is the best.
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2010-06-29 01:39 am

[ Beeeeeep ... ] Leave a message after the tone...

Error has occurred. User [ profile] antoj not found. Detecting auto-message, message as follows:

[ Hey guys, as you know some [ profile] eyebrowaddict [ profile] zenity are coming out to California for Anime Expo and a short visit. I will return on or around July 8th. I have a giant flist that updates a lot so I probably will miss 99% of everything during this time. If there's something you want me to see just leave it here for when I get back. ]

End of message. To relay a message to this user, please utilize the comment function of this entry.
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2010-06-05 06:29 pm


Old Cole vs New Cole )
Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop of Fringe) looks more like Cole than Cole

inb4 best entry on all of LJ
ps: moar info
pps: will offer reward for first individual to deliver new Zeke design to Anto.
but the likelyhood of someone finding it before me is v slim :D
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2010-04-07 07:40 pm

Hale on stuff meme and icon meme and klondike bars.

I'm eagerly awaiting my arrival of japanese inFAMOUS and the artbook/comic/press kit. ANY DAY NOW GUYS ~stares at the mailbox~

Still no luck in locating the Russian inFAMOUS. dslsaklkd. I don't even know where to look. I feel like something like this is almost "grail" status (of sorts) just because I have no effin clue how to get in touch w/ anything that exports Russian version of games. I'm sure the game itself isn't rare at all. BUT FFFFFF. I pm'd someone yesterday and they totally ignored my PM, cool. isn't it at least polite to be like "no sorry i can't help" kdslkalkd

I'm half-tempted to post in that gaming group that probably hates me (cuz i'm............inFamous over there ohohoho i'm so clever) but they will probably scorn me out of the comm. :I dilemma.


Earlier today I got an email from insomniac games (their news letter thing) and I saw some Resistance posters in their GDC booth.

so I sent them a tweet asking if they would give me the posters for a klondike bar. I bet they won't answer this one, but I would lol forever if they did ok. srsly.

photos of Hale on stupid shit under here and icon meme )
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2010-02-26 05:48 pm

you're a fag

All of you can suck my dick! 8==0
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2010-02-23 07:50 pm

Cole gets shot in the balls and Zeke has a seizure

lol so one of my favorite things besides wasting my life is to waste my life by breaking video games. I like to mess around like hxc (ie: spend 2 hours on what it takes a normal person 10 minutes to do) BUT RESULTS SOMETIMES COME OF IT.

It started when I was doing a mission in inFAMOUS and Zeke started acting a bit weird. He spazzed out, and then just froze in place. I started shoving him around randomly because it was lulz. My original intent was to shove him down a flight of stairs but the game ended my mission for running too far away right before I got to the stairs with him. ):

but when it reloaded Zeke's programming exploded and he started running around shooting in the air and just...idk tripping over everything and it was hilarious. SO I WAS LIKE YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH and busted out my camera and took some shitty videos of it.

does anyone remember the polygon monster glitch of Fallout 3?

ZEKE TRIES TO IMPERSONATE A POLYGON MONSTER [[images and video under cut]] )
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2010-01-02 08:57 pm
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desu chimera

I am the most boring person ever.

but this isn't boring.
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2009-11-18 09:55 am
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my cat will forever be gender confused now

I dropped my cat off to get neutered this morning.

The vet called.

My cat is a girl.

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2009-10-12 10:10 pm

general chase's overcoat

sorry for the double posting but oh my god i just found this and and it's too epic to not be shared.
I bring you ladies and gentlemen:
General Chase's Overcoat

......wait that's not right.

Bethesda does not understand the meaning of QA )
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2009-01-16 06:59 pm
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Fallout 3 Named Game of the Year by IGN

As the title says, I just found out that IGN named Fallout 3 game of the year. Haha. I'm happy mostly because I'm obsessing playing the game so much lately. It is a lot of fun. Durhur. It won a couple other awards as well.

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