adventures in breaking new vegas

  • Mar. 16th, 2015 at 6:07 PM
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so i've been playing fallout: new vegas again and it's a lot of fun. Yay. The only bad thing is the game runs pretty awful on ps3. The lag and all that was so bad my game could play for about 10 minutes before slowing down to unplayable levels. Unfortunately there's no way to fix it. The save files just get too big and bethesda doesn't care about the ps3.

So I switched to playing my game on PC instead. I actually have a decent computer now and can play the game on the highest settings possible. I also installed a bunch of mods to make the game cooler. One of my favorite ones stripped out the extra color filters and makes the game look more ~realistic~. I am mesmerized by how much nicer it looks.

BUT being me, I always break stuff. My favorite things to do in games is to climb on stuff that the game does not want you to climb on. I don't know why. But, while playing the game, I noticed there was a spot where it looked like I could climb onto the roof of one of the game locations (Camp McCarran). I did *not* use the console commands to shut off clipping to get up here. Kayla watched me do it on stream, it took a few tries, but I managed to scale up the side of the supply warehouse which was connected to the main airport. From there I started to explore...

Very large pictures. I was too lazy to resize them )
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i was organizing pictures in my phone the other day and noticed i took a lot of pictures of my room... and it was funny to me to see how it went from empty blank walls to dan vs taped on every single space... i resized them and now will share here...!

lots of pictures... )

Aug. 10th, 2013

  • 8:35 PM
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I GOT PICTURES HERE. some of the pictures of Dan and Chris adventures I had while kayla was visiting... not all of them because I was too lazy to resize them all... plus some stuff about PONY MERCH and then a random facebook related thing bcuz omg my life is so fun and interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of dan vs though.

also that episode list WILL be coming soon. It'll take me a bit to type out, and I must plan and decide exactly which episodes I love best...!!!!! :D
Lots of images here!! )

this entry feels like a twitter recap

  • Apr. 19th, 2013 at 12:42 AM
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so i guess i'm all into posting one entry a month!!!!

does anyone remember when i used to post like 89 entries a day? man weren't those dark times...

my life is super boring as always!! been working!! been doing not much of anything...

I finally got a book case for my room. so now i have books on it. i got a huge one though and all the books i brought with me literally fit on one shelf. lol. just as planned

ive been also super obsessed with dan vs. for a while now, actually. its like one of those shows i watched one day cuz i was bored (srsly i think i was sick that day when i was just watching w/e was on tv lol)) but then realized it was literally the best thing ever. ever.

how much is super obsessed??? how about 500+ pages of written stuff. (over 230k words!) LOLoLoLLlOl to be fair its not all mine. co-op writing stuff with [personal profile] thekayla, BUT REGARDLESS... we're kind of crazy but its amazing and i regret NOTHING. the only thing i dont like is that the hub seems to hate the show and it makes me want to burn their office to the ground i learned from dan how to deal with problems basically season 4 is like ????????????????????

so idk

i really think if it was on another channel it would be 29841098229x more popular. no one watches the hub except for pony fans, and a lot of pony fans dont even have the hub, because its not a common channel for cable providers to carry. and then the network dudes gave dan vs the worst time slot ever and then cry when no one watches it. I WONDURR WHY NO ONE WATCHES IT :UUUUUUUUU (its a puzzlement!!!!)

maybe im just buttmad because they seem to be purposely burying a great show and hoping everyone forgets about it. idk.


uh also unrelated to that...stuff... i beat bioshock infinite. yay!!! gaming!!!!!!!11!!! its pretty much the only game ive played recently? idk my life anymore. lol

ive also been itching to do craft projects again even though my arm is like NERP. i mentioned it on deviantart and then suddenly my roommate borrowed the sewing machine from her mom and said i could use it??? im like....o-okay? im a little excited to try it but ive never used one before like ever so im like ".....???" regardless, if i can work on stuff faster without blowing up my stupid broken elbow nerve that would be cool because i like making things... i want to get better but i cant if i dont make things and i cant make many things like this!!

also speaking of craft things. i need some faux fur, but anywhere i find to buy it online is like BUY 288094 YARDS OR NONE. i dont need a ton. i dont even need 1/4th a yard. is there anywhere i can get my hands on some scraps or something? i'll pay for them obviously but i just hate spending money on 100 mountains of fabric i'll never use. also because i can never throw it out lol

also my car has gotten 2 flat tires in a month and might possibly have a third. starting to get paranoid that someone hates my car and its pissing me off. who gets this many flat tires?!?!! /flips desk

the end

resistance vita and spec ops

  • Jul. 1st, 2012 at 3:18 PM
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THIS ENTRY IS JUST TALKING ABOUT GAMES. everyone on my flist loves games, right!?1/1/1!??/1!

first is kind of a sad disappointing game. resistance never deserved this. :'c

second is an AMAZING OH MY GOD I LOVE IT game. spec ops was well worth the long wait.

also somewhat related. did anyone hear of the Watch Dogs ARG fail?

well. i was on that. i have like. 70 emails in my inbox from these guys. all because ubisoft accidentally my email. it was hilarious until some dbag started adverting his dumb tumbly. i like how ubisoft has said nothing about this, despite accidentallying like 1000 email addresses. NBD THIS HAPPENS DON'T SAY ANYTHING. can i have a free copy of watch dogs for getting all of these email spam including from some hipster dbag and his tumbly.

i would share caps of the email chain because some of the replies are hilarious (all the ones calling ubisoft failures, mostly) but gmail is being a jerkbag and i cant figure out how to cap an entire chain of like 70 gmails. if someone can tell me i will show you.

Resistance: Burning Skies )

Spec Ops: The Line )

all my tears for this series. also calzones

  • May. 29th, 2012 at 4:14 PM
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this entry is more video game ... stuff. a new game i got (and my thoughts on it atm) and those last two lbp keychains I needed for my collection. :x


so resistance: burning skies came out today... )


  • Apr. 29th, 2012 at 6:03 PM
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last night i was playing more jak x (SURPRISE SURPRISE) and it was super fun and then i played ONE MORE RACE before i was gonna go to bed.

finish race.

check something in email.

look at tv.


for those that don't know (aka: all of you) jak x has a lovely problem where it saves forever and never stops thus breaking your game file, and sometimes the ENTIRE MEMORY CARD.

i was seriously like >:C but not as upset as i would have been, as I was well aware of this issue before playing too much and I got a second memory card to back up my save. I STILL SOMEHOW MANAGED TO LOSE 10HRS OF GAMEPLAY THOUGH. but 60~ish hours of game play before it breaks? NOT BAD!? I just hope it doesn't become a reoccurring thing. :| also holy crap i did not realize i've played that game so much D:

but anyway it deleted my entire jak x save file and also the 1kish data off my memory card (SRSLY ITS JUST GONE IDEK) and im kind of miffed about that even tho i don't have that many ps2 games.

this is why they need to do jak x in HD so they can have this problem fixed (bcuz it was never fixed in any of the versions :D) and so i can trophies for it. i want to platinum this game ngl

i still love the game to pieces though and idk if i will stop even if it manages to nuke my entire memory card.

i gotta re-earn all my time trial scores now though :D lol

also wondering if i can remove corrupted data off my card. everyone says use the ps2 memory card browser to do it but there is no corrupted data block. im just missing the memory and there is no trace of the broken jak x file :| but whatever.........

i accidentally all the infamoose

  • Oct. 8th, 2011 at 8:31 PM
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the other day i became aware of a super duper cool item that is apparently exclusive to italy and its ridiculously awesome but i doubt i will ever find one. part of me believes it MIGHT be a bootleg but its cool enough that i want it anyway. but anyway, after i was told about it i just about turned the internet upside down trying to find one spoilers: i didnt but i did however find this:
its an image )

this is getting old now really

  • Jul. 17th, 2011 at 7:31 PM
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it seems like wherever it is my collection gets posted there is always someone that doesn't get it. i can see not getting collecting but ... idk people.

take this comment i got on deviantART:
... Why throw away money on different regional versions? Different cover, ok, but that you could easily find on the internet and print.
there is a lot of things i could have said to this. a lot. "just printing it" isn't the same. it won't be the same quality, not to mention you can't even find decent size scans of most of the covers anyway. maybe for PAL/NA but probs not for japan...and probably not the inside of the insert, or the manual.

not to mention i don't even have a printer.

i replied with this though:
I'll "throw my money away" on whatever I damn well please. :U

There is more to regional copies than just the cover, and there is more to being a collector than just "throwing money away". Everyone's got a hobby.
that's right.

there is really no point in trying to explain these things to people sometimes. lol. at least this person says it to me and not on a forum where they don't think i'll find it. :D

ah, also the artbook isn't coming out in August... I expected as much because I hadn't seen any news from the publisher yet and August is fast approaching. Amazon changed the date to Dec 6th 2011...which if that is the date is funny because its the same day the comic collective book is coming out. At least I get more infamoose at the end of the year then, eh? lol my christmas gifts to myself. :b

also gives me more time to save up money for it all :3

tl;dr: collecting is srs bsns and infamous is my life.

in which i talk about infamous some more

  • Nov. 14th, 2010 at 6:03 PM
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okay first like...damn it sucker punch.

this does not look like this. It especially does not look like this. seriously "new-new" cole looks more like Nathan Hale than Cole.....that is just sad. cole keeps aging/regressing 10 years here or there. seriously you guys are pissing me off. :'c at least zeke is the same ;-;

seriously though compare magazine cover cole to nathan hale they are like brothers now. what the fuck sucker punch. i mean insomniac and hale is a cool guy yea but FOR REALS!? did naughty dog get mad at your drake-cole so you made a hale-cole instead? is that what im seeing here?

words meme under cut: (from [ profile] okapifeathers PS3, Pokemon, Cats, Hallmark (SORRY OK), and Zeke (easy mode: don't mention pairings/ Hard mode: Don't mention Cole))
oh goodie )

also day 5 (Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).) of the vidya game meme
Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were). )

day 2 and 3

  • Nov. 11th, 2010 at 2:35 PM
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So I already missed one day of this meme! |:

Except i have a reason!! I've been sick! It sucks ass because I had been planning ALL WEEK to use today to go roller blading across the street. It's so rare that there is no one over at that damn school. And its so open and perfect for practicing.....but yea I'm sick like whoa. I spent 90% of my day yesterday battling fever/pains/etc and like idk. NOT EVEN THE COLD MEDICINE I TOOK DID ANYTHING (srsly) I ended up falling asleep for a bit around 10pm but was woken up cuz Crandles was walking all over me and sniffing at my face and stuff. |: STUPID KITTY. but then i went to bed....and woke up at 5am.....yea. I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT BUT IM NOT SUPER DYING AGAIN (yet) SO HERE I AM POSTING THINGS IN MY LJ BECAUSE PRIORITIES, I HAVE THEM.

day 2 and 3 of vidya game meme )
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I want to say a few things here.


2) [ profile] infamous_ps3 you should join this because its an infamous comm i made to post things in. i made it partly to stop spamming my LJ with shit no one cares about, ok. sorry no resistance outlet, because only two people on all of LJ like resistance and they are on my flist so deal with it

3) I stole a meme from [ profile] sykoryoko and IDK if I will do all of it because some of it has stuff I would never like to talk about, jsyk, but we'll see how it goes. I might skip some days or be like fuck you in the face, meme, i don't have to do what you say.


the rest is under here )
Also the sun is setting over my tv RN so I can't play any ps3. ;-; crai crai crai.

lol the amount of tags on this entry. it needs moar.

Heavy Rain Comparitive Collection

  • May. 29th, 2010 at 4:53 PM
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So in similar style to my inFAMOUS collection post, I'm going to post up my Heavy Rain stuff. It's significantly less, but I do have three versions of the game. :'D still have more infamous though.

o boy kitty wat u got dere...
Picture Heavy Post Ahead :O )

resistance 2 press kit wheeeeee.

  • May. 7th, 2010 at 8:02 PM
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guys i won the resistance 2 press kit. c: this one is apparently missing the press disc but I think i'm ok with that. it looks like it comes with a bunch of neat little tidbits anyway. I sniped it, of course. lol. i got it from the same guy that sold me my infamous press kit too. i swear he is the coolest bro on all of ebay. where does he get these things? fffffff.

the next thing on my list is actually on eBay atm. well, technically there is three listed right now. one of them ends tomorrow night (technically sunday morning) at 4:58am PST. guess who's staying up all night? :'D oh yeah.

oh yea and remember all the drama poop going on with those suethors or w/e the fuck? ya well apparently i'm interesting enough for one of their mods to not leave me alone. i mean idek. she left some random ass comment on one of my arts and it's not like i recently posted it either. i kinda wonder if its their attempt at trying to troll me or w/e, but lol they need to try moar than just call zeke a fatty, k. learn to be witty or just be downright rude, don't be vague because its unfunny. i shouldn't be having to say that. i find it more amusing because it's the one i called a skank way back when, too.

i feel so run-down too. i just i dunno. it might not have helped the only thing i have eaten is candy today, or maybe its just my sleeping, or the breathing shit that still isn't cleared up. i don't even know. i'm getting tired of it though. i still need to get my mom a mother's day gift but i just don't feel like doing *anything*. maybe tomorrow. i know what i wanna get i just need to drag myself down to the mall. hurrdurr. i still gotta try to find a marill too. my local target isn't restocking anymore because they still have that huge box of bronzors. there is a target in the mall though so maybe i will have some luck there tomorrow. x_X

this morning when i woke up for a bit to snipe the r2 kit i went out of my room to get some water before going back to bed my cat was outside in the hallway. she like stared at me for a good 10 seconds before meowing like 10 tiny meows at me and walking over to me while purring. i just jdllsdkjksf. i love my cat ok she is adorable.
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lol so one of my favorite things besides wasting my life is to waste my life by breaking video games. I like to mess around like hxc (ie: spend 2 hours on what it takes a normal person 10 minutes to do) BUT RESULTS SOMETIMES COME OF IT.

It started when I was doing a mission in inFAMOUS and Zeke started acting a bit weird. He spazzed out, and then just froze in place. I started shoving him around randomly because it was lulz. My original intent was to shove him down a flight of stairs but the game ended my mission for running too far away right before I got to the stairs with him. ):

but when it reloaded Zeke's programming exploded and he started running around shooting in the air and just...idk tripping over everything and it was hilarious. SO I WAS LIKE YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH and busted out my camera and took some shitty videos of it.

does anyone remember the polygon monster glitch of Fallout 3?

ZEKE TRIES TO IMPERSONATE A POLYGON MONSTER [[images and video under cut]] )
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I got my inFAMOUS poster up finally. XD It's the most expensive coolest thing on my wall now. :D HOORAY.

ALSO, this is totally not important but have you ever heard of those "claiming" or w/e communities they have on livejournal? there's no purpose to them except that you got there before someone else and you get to slap a line of code in your profile to show what a giant nerd you are? ...........YEA WELL I TOTALLY DID THAT EXCEPT I GOT COLE MACGRATH (shock...!) and I think more people should go claim things so it will actually look like I got something awesome instead of posting in a community that no one cares about.

so uh...go....go check it out or something [ profile] vg_of_lj

Pichur of the poster under the cut, as well as junk about the japanese release of inFAMOUS )

also my mom is frying things and its making me v hungry hfdusfifguh its like...chicken and shit too so i wont even eat it but the smell of the crap on the outside smells so good hhhhhrrrrrnnnnnnngggg. ~gnaws arm off~

tl;dr: inFAMOUS

  • Jan. 5th, 2010 at 4:52 PM
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So in case the title didn't tell you this is gonna be a tl;dr about inFAMOUS. lol no one will look at this

some crap i drew, a video and lots of tl;dr under the cut~~ )

Shenanigans in Fallout 3 Flavor

  • Dec. 27th, 2009 at 3:44 AM
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kind of sad considering I've had the game for a year now. :D; Longest time spent getting a platinum ever? Perhaps....perhaps..... its not like it was even that hard getting it lol I just play so slow. and spent a good 4 or so months being butthurt and not playing the game (bethesdaaaaaaaaaaa)

Super TL;DR about Fallout 3 things I did today (even people that play the game won't read this!) )

but yea, now it's supa late and imma go sleep now ok. |D

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