Games of 2014

  • Jan. 6th, 2015 at 4:40 PM
antoj: (Badass)
I still do this dumb game meme because it's fun for me to watch how i end up playing less games as each year goes on?? LIKE WHAT EVEN. oh well maybe this year will be different. or maybe this is just my new thing. it would also help if i tried to play new games instead of the same 5 titles OVER AND OVER AGAIN (but at the same time, if im having fun who cares??? IDK!!!1!) though I also tend to feel bad if i have unplayed games sitting on my shelf year and year. :x
A CUT that i forgot to put in the first time cuz im good at things )

some kind of an update

  • Jun. 16th, 2014 at 5:39 PM
antoj: (casual)
Some things that have happened recently... uhm...

I'm moving again soon. Well, October to be exact. Everyone here is tired of dealing with the landlord's crap. She is too cheap and hires workers to fix things that aren't really fixed when they leave. They were going to leave my sink leaking more than it was when they arrived had I not intercepted them and informed them it was still pouring water out the bottom. They also "fixed" our back gate by making impossible to open unless you literally body slam it. Plus the house is old and kind of falling apart. Stuff we want to fix or replaced (our oven isn't broken, but it is literally the worst oven I've ever used in my life) the landlord is just like WELL IT ISN'T BROKEN SO DEAL WITH IT~~ so everyone is done. just done.

Not looking forward to moving (really) but it might be nice to start over again with placement of everything.

Last week was all the E3 stuff. The only thing that consistently made a presence to me was Sunset Overdrive. It's made by my favorite game developer (Insomniac Games, surely people who read this know that already?) and it just looks SO FUN. Anyone who followed my (surely obnoxious) live tweeting of all the e3 stuff probably saw me whine about how it was the game I wanted the most. But... its Xbone exclusive. I don't want an Xbone, I told myself. It's not worth buying an Xbone for ONE game, I said.

Well then on Wednesday morning, Insomniac posted about how they were doing a ~public event~ in Los Angeles showing off Sunset Overdrive, doing giving away some posters (for pre-ordering the game) and some other stuff. I was at work, and I immediately started debating. Should I go? I loved the last Insomniac event I went to, probably the most fun I've had at something in a long long time. Surely it would be similar... right?

Well, I went. AND IT WAS AMAZING. I got to play the game too! IT IS ALSO AMAZING. The mode I got to play was a multiplayer mode, but I got to play with all the weapons it has the I love the colorful art style and fast movements. There is a gun that shoots vinyl records. And another one that shoots explosive Teddy Bears. LIKE REALLY. The worst part (for me) was that the demo came without an inverted Y axis so it was a bit difficult for me to play. I'm one of those people that ALWAYS has to switch the axis. (for those who don't know, it means making the camera controls so down is up and up is down) I don't know why? It's always been that way. Even if I forget to change it when I start playing my camera angle is immediately shoved into the floor and I know why. My brain is just wired that way!! So I kept having to make an extra effort to turn the camera.

I still managed to get 3rd place in my group though. Somehow. I was also in the first group of people ~in the public~ (ie: not E3 attenders) that go to play Sunset Overdrive.

I also got a super cool signed poster...which I unfortunately am unable to share a picture of... becauuuuuuuuse as I'm typing this my cell phone just broke. For... no real reason.

WELL I guess I know what I'm doing for the rest of the afternoon.

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