burning skies makes me angry

  • Jul. 10th, 2012 at 1:49 PM
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i played a bunch of that crappy Resistance Vita game yesterday.

everything about it is making me mad. And not even gameplay. The gameplay isn't too bad, I guess. The shoehorned in touch screen controls are a little...weird... and the AI is bad, but otherwise...eh. but everything else is making me mad about it. the game looks like crap. and the story. everything about the story makes me mad too. it doesn't make sense in the resistance canon and i just... I JUST CANNOT EVEN. i accidentally got spoilered for the end of it too, and I don't even care, really, but hearing what the last boss is? EVERY SINGLE BIT OF RAGE. its so stupid and I just....ruhihksdjkjsdlga.

actually what made me the most mad was a forced resistance 2 reference. one of the characters is just like OH BUT NATHAN HALE and im like no. no. you do not speak that name, unholy resistance game. plus it was like, your lady sidekick who exists only to scream obvious things at you. she is not even a soldier. she should not even know who nathan hale is. it was just the most forced ref in the entire world and it made me madder than it should. but this is why everything about this game's story is fail and butts.

and then like 2 hours after i was done playing my vita my arm got all super hurt times and it's STILL hurting. i am just wondering if now playing vita games triggers more pain. its like i can't do anything without it getting worse. nothing. whenever it gets better im like OH MAYBE I'LL FINALLY TRY MAKING xyz but then my arm is like NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

resistance vita and spec ops

  • Jul. 1st, 2012 at 3:18 PM
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THIS ENTRY IS JUST TALKING ABOUT GAMES. everyone on my flist loves games, right!?1/1/1!??/1!

first is kind of a sad disappointing game. resistance never deserved this. :'c

second is an AMAZING OH MY GOD I LOVE IT game. spec ops was well worth the long wait.

also somewhat related. did anyone hear of the Watch Dogs ARG fail?

well. i was on that. i have like. 70 emails in my inbox from these guys. all because ubisoft accidentally my email. it was hilarious until some dbag started adverting his dumb tumbly. i like how ubisoft has said nothing about this, despite accidentallying like 1000 email addresses. NBD THIS HAPPENS DON'T SAY ANYTHING. can i have a free copy of watch dogs for getting all of these email spam including from some hipster dbag and his tumbly.

i would share caps of the email chain because some of the replies are hilarious (all the ones calling ubisoft failures, mostly) but gmail is being a jerkbag and i cant figure out how to cap an entire chain of like 70 gmails. if someone can tell me i will show you.

Resistance: Burning Skies )

Spec Ops: The Line )

LOL SUCKERPUNCH (infamous 2 news)

  • Jun. 4th, 2010 at 1:35 PM
antoj: (Cole)


i like

shat bricks


july's game informer cover is infamous 2. (OH SNAP. (ps: everything is srsly announce before resistance 3 ok))

and joystiq posted the new cover.

clicky clicky!


lol cole regressed in age 10 years )

edit If anyone is subscribed to game informer and can get me a copy of this issue before it hits shelves I will be your bff forever and ever and ever and ever andeverandeverandever

EDIT: I posted this in the long-dead inFAMOUS community on LJ AND SOMEONE GOT A COPY OF GAME INFORMER ALREADY. but the most important news to come out of this?




Playstation Triple

  • Nov. 6th, 2008 at 11:35 PM
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So uh yeah! I got a Playstation Triple this past Saturday. I've been too busy playing it to post about it's awesome here. HAW.

No seriously, though. It's super fun. And I only have 3 games for it. I'm really liking it though. It's kind of sad though, because this same thing reminds me of way back when when I got my PSP and I played it a lot at first all "OMG THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER" and then I didn't anymore... and then I got my DS Lite to which I was like "OMG THIS IS SO MUCH COOLER YOU GUYS" and I played it WAY more and ended up with WAY more games for it and stuff.

Totally odd rant about how I am disappointed in Nintendo now )

Haha dear lord this was supposed to be about the awesome of PS3 but turned into how I am disappointed in Nintendo rant. Maybe I should change the journal title. XD


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