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i was organizing pictures in my phone the other day and noticed i took a lot of pictures of my room... and it was funny to me to see how it went from empty blank walls to dan vs taped on every single space... i resized them and now will share here...!

lots of pictures... )

this entry feels like a twitter recap

  • Apr. 19th, 2013 at 12:42 AM
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so i guess i'm all into posting one entry a month!!!!

does anyone remember when i used to post like 89 entries a day? man weren't those dark times...

my life is super boring as always!! been working!! been doing not much of anything...

I finally got a book case for my room. so now i have books on it. i got a huge one though and all the books i brought with me literally fit on one shelf. lol. just as planned

ive been also super obsessed with dan vs. for a while now, actually. its like one of those shows i watched one day cuz i was bored (srsly i think i was sick that day when i was just watching w/e was on tv lol)) but then realized it was literally the best thing ever. ever.

how much is super obsessed??? how about 500+ pages of written stuff. (over 230k words!) LOLoLoLLlOl to be fair its not all mine. co-op writing stuff with [personal profile] thekayla, BUT REGARDLESS... we're kind of crazy but its amazing and i regret NOTHING. the only thing i dont like is that the hub seems to hate the show and it makes me want to burn their office to the ground i learned from dan how to deal with problems basically season 4 is like ????????????????????

so idk

i really think if it was on another channel it would be 29841098229x more popular. no one watches the hub except for pony fans, and a lot of pony fans dont even have the hub, because its not a common channel for cable providers to carry. and then the network dudes gave dan vs the worst time slot ever and then cry when no one watches it. I WONDURR WHY NO ONE WATCHES IT :UUUUUUUUU (its a puzzlement!!!!)

maybe im just buttmad because they seem to be purposely burying a great show and hoping everyone forgets about it. idk.


uh also unrelated to that...stuff... i beat bioshock infinite. yay!!! gaming!!!!!!!11!!! its pretty much the only game ive played recently? idk my life anymore. lol

ive also been itching to do craft projects again even though my arm is like NERP. i mentioned it on deviantart and then suddenly my roommate borrowed the sewing machine from her mom and said i could use it??? im like....o-okay? im a little excited to try it but ive never used one before like ever so im like ".....???" regardless, if i can work on stuff faster without blowing up my stupid broken elbow nerve that would be cool because i like making things... i want to get better but i cant if i dont make things and i cant make many things like this!!

also speaking of craft things. i need some faux fur, but anywhere i find to buy it online is like BUY 288094 YARDS OR NONE. i dont need a ton. i dont even need 1/4th a yard. is there anywhere i can get my hands on some scraps or something? i'll pay for them obviously but i just hate spending money on 100 mountains of fabric i'll never use. also because i can never throw it out lol

also my car has gotten 2 flat tires in a month and might possibly have a third. starting to get paranoid that someone hates my car and its pissing me off. who gets this many flat tires?!?!! /flips desk

the end


  • Jan. 2nd, 2013 at 9:00 PM
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remember i did a dumb games meme for NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! last year? no? well i did. it was this.

i did it again for this year. I ALSO DILIGENTLY MARKED DOWN ALL MY GAMES FOR THE ~*~WHOLE YEAR~*~ for the most part.

notice the sudden decline in games (and activity on dreamwidth livejournal) and link it to the fact that i've been crazy addicted to outernauts. oh no im one of those people.

anyway here is the thing

under the cut!!!!!!!!!!! )

also someyear i will finish bioshock. that year was not this year. whoop whoop.

life update coming someday maybe or maybe not. my life is dumb and boring, but good things might be happening soonish. we see.

new harddrive.

  • Jun. 19th, 2012 at 2:15 PM
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i tend to get overly paranoid with my things. especially if its an electronic device with a lot of important data on it. I've gone through so many harddrives because I've declared them dying (maybe before they actually were) and i also have a bin with like 20 old hdd in it. no jokes my last drive actually WAS dying.

that is making clicky death noises randomly (but not quite dead...yet) and also taking forever and 90 years to open a file folder. (srsly my internet was faster than opening my documents)

SO I GOT A NEW DRIVE. now i have 935gb of space. the only bad thing is having to reinstall EVERY SINGLE THING. it feels like i should at least have more new components in my computer after that, BUT NOPE ITS THE SAME OLD SLOW CRAP that won't even play alan wake :'c :'c :'c

i named my "NEW SYSTEM" stahlarms though because i am clearly not all creeping on stahl/killzone 3 atm. nope not at all.

i need to name the harddrive now too. it needs to be cool. but i will probably just call it Flea-Tortilla something. don't ask OH TOO LATE


actually i had a lot more programs in my start menu in my old setup. but i dont even remember what i had installed. i feel like it should be important because i use the start menu instead of desktop shortcuts desktop icons are ugly AND I JUST I DONT KNOW. im sure i'll remember. eventually.

this post is pointless but i'm waiting for junk to transfer/install and i feel like i can't do much of anything else!!!!!!!!!!!
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ya'll are probs aware Or maybe you're not about how much I'm like pants-crappingly excited about the "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale" why didn't they go with the prototype title "title fight" :'c

but a lot of people aren't.

most of the backlash i've seen for it falls into two arguments.

1) "its a smash brothers rip off"
2) "sony has no fun/interesting/memorable characters to make the game good"


i disagree 100%. obviously. and i'm not just saying this as a sony fangirl either even though i am, no shame. just because sony doesn't have any series that have run as long as a lot of nintendo's characters doesn't mean they aren't good or interesting. in fact, for me personally i find i like sony's characters a lot more. most of the nintendo ones feel more like mascots than actual /characters/ to me. and i know this doesn't make my opinion "right", but i was like the nintendo fangirl until nintendo crushed all my loyalty to them with the wii. never again.

before i got my ps3 i was not even super into any video game fandoms. BUT NOW LOOK AT ME. :( can any of you even imagine me not being a video game fan...

idk maybe i'm just taking it too personally but its like rrghhgrurg. whatever you guys.

also i don't see how it's bad its a "smash brothers clone". lol playing as all the characters i like in one game? aww yeaa. why is this bad? are they afraid sony might build upon the style of ssb and make it better? and if it's worse, who cares? i mean idgi. there is no more original ideas in gaming anymore anyway. did gran turismo come out and then they said WELP NO MORE RACING GAMES BCUZ GRAN TURISMO IS IT. WE'LL JUST BE STEALING FROM THEM IF WE DO IT NOW.


i don't understand this logic. or mayeb i'm just butthurt everyone is hating on this without really seeing much of it.

and you think i'd be used to this when i end up liking everything that is unpopular. i don't even do it on purpose ;___;

oh oh oh! OH! and e3 pressers have been confirmed for june 4th. it's a monday again. i'm going to spend all day sealed in my room glued to my tv as i watch EVERY SINGLE GAME ANNOUNCEMENT EVER. it's going to be the most exciting day of 2012 for me. what is my life. if only i could go to e3 in person. :'c so close, but so far. crycrycry

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