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I continue to amass Twilight Sparkle plush because I definitely don't have a problem. Today I found the new set of Aurora plush and well... had to buy one for my herd. When I kept looking at the Aurora plush, I kept thinking they looked almost just like the new versions of the Ty plush.

So of course the first thing I did when I got home with them is take a lot of pictures comparing them to each other. :D

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all the twilight sparkles

  • Jan. 30th, 2014 at 6:17 PM
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So today I got a box in the mail with some more plush toys in it because i'm a responsible adult and i do what i want!!!!!

But anyway the contents of the box got me realizing I accidentally all the twilight sparkle...

o_o uhm.

This wasn't even something I was intentially trying to do. I just kept being like OH THIS ONE IS CUTE I JUST NEED IT BECAUSE REASONS!!!!!!1 and today when 4de twilight came in the mail i was like " this my 6th twilight sparkle doll" ....the answer was yes, yes it is, Anto.

So I decided to do what any person would do with 6 twilight sparkle dolls.


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Aug. 10th, 2013

  • 8:35 PM
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I GOT PICTURES HERE. some of the pictures of Dan and Chris adventures I had while kayla was visiting... not all of them because I was too lazy to resize them all... plus some stuff about PONY MERCH and then a random facebook related thing bcuz omg my life is so fun and interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of dan vs though.

also that episode list WILL be coming soon. It'll take me a bit to type out, and I must plan and decide exactly which episodes I love best...!!!!! :D
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not dead

  • Mar. 18th, 2013 at 5:10 PM
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sup my jouranlite buddies!???!

what's up?!?!

i haven't been around lately because uhm... i'm lazy. No really... actually my friend [personal profile] thekayla came out to visit and it was like super fun. we got to go to disneyland ~for free~ because my brother works there now. also i rode the tower of terror because i had always wanted to. i have a strange love for the twilight zone and i just needed to see the themeing. turns out it is probably my new favorite ride. i don't understand everyone who ever told me it was terrible (read: almost everyone) ITS AMAZING. i wanna ride it 100 times.

sad we didn't get to ride the dumb cars ride though. it's fun but it had like 8098949748298421 people all day every day waiting for it, and they ran out of fast passes about 30 seconds after the park opened so uhm.....yeah. perhaps next time!?

but then when she went home i got sick. i'm currently in the process of coughing my lungs inside out and it's super duper awesome.

how many of you LJ buddies are going to move to DW/already have a DW when LJ forces that horrible new "FRIENDS FEED" thing on us? im already posting from DW and i read my DW page but seems like barely anyone posts on it lol.

also i'll try to comment more. ive actually read pretty much everything that's been posted since i updated last but so lazy......

today i bought a my little pony bag because i'm SO COOL. it will match my wallet. which is also ponies.

being an adult is hard

ms tails

  • Mar. 14th, 2012 at 8:59 PM
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so a while ago some boxes of old stuff were found, and we went through them to get rid of stuff. in one of them, i found the only MLP toy I ever had as a kid. at the time (when i was a child) i didn't care much for them (which is why i only had one) and probably why it was in a random box.

anyway, seeing as though she is a G1 pony and shoved in a random box of old toys my mom used for her daycare children (aka: toys me and my brother had outgrew/etc) her hair was an explosiony mess.

i actually posted a photo of her on twitter shortly after i found her: which is here. check out that exploded hair.

well anyway, she'd just sat on my desk all that time, but last night i did some cleaning and i thought, why not give you a make-over, super old pony?

and i did )

victory is mine

  • Mar. 13th, 2012 at 1:53 AM
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i did some shopping today even though i shouldn't have. i got some things. Though everything I got was relatively cheap. YOU CAN TELL WHAT I AM CURRENTLY INTO RIGHT NOW, CAN'T YOU!?

uhhhhh yeah i beat all the games in the jak collection already. i still need to collect the orbs for jak 2 and jak 3 though for the platinum trophies. it will probably make me want to flip tables because some of the junk they want you to do for them are annoying as hell but ...................trophies.

but then i got jak x and daxter today (AS YOU SEE) and it took like 900 gamestops to find them (ok 6...) and every place had Daxter but no place had it with a case, and idc if I only paid $2 for it (yes two whole dollars) i want that case. >:I but then the last gamestop i went to i gave up and was like WHATEVER I'LL JUST BUY IT WITHOUT THE CASE but then the copy he pulled out from behind the counter was like a brand new case (with manual even) and i was like HOLYCRAP and it was an exciting day. also jak x was $5. and then i noticed on the back of jak x (and daxter) it says you can connect daxter to it and unlock extra junk in jak x. OH GOODIE. idek what it is but im kind of excited about this. FREE THINGS YEY.

then i also cleaned off a shelf on my desk that had 900 old CDs on it (AND FLOPPY DISKS. I FOUND FLOPPY DISKS!!!!!! my computer doesnt even have a floppy drive...) and i threw all that crap away and made room for PONIES. in my head this shelf would have fit all my ponies and still had room for more but somehow it didn't turn out that way.... :| my friend has 2 more fashion style ponies for me rn too. ....i have no idea how im going to fit them on this shelf.

YEP SO IDK. im not even tired but i should go to bed.

also look how terrifying that Daxter figurine I got is. idk if anyone on my flist has played jak and daxter?! (i am so late to this dont judge me) but ...i...i don't really like daxter. i desperately wanted to like him but i just couldn't. D: i have no idea why but... ugh.

anyway idk things video games ponies lalallalalalal

tiny fluttershy needs new home

  • Sep. 4th, 2011 at 1:12 AM
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you guys i'm selling this tiny fluttershy: she's on ebay.

if you have friends that like ponies you should tell them how cute and tiny this plush is. ITS SO TINY AND FILLED WITH PLASTIC NUGGETS you will love it i promise.

and you can have a pocket-fluttershy to take with you EVERYWHERE.

tomorrow i planned to spend all day sewing but then my dad asked if i had work off and i said i did and now he's planning me to do things instead..........even though working on plush is sort of like a job too BUT I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THAT. so instead i won't get to play Resistance 3 bcuz i will be sewing. bawwwww i know.

pony poll

  • Jun. 3rd, 2011 at 11:44 PM
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i am seriously considering opening commissions for pony plush like the fluttershy doll i already made. however, i have never done plush commissions before and would like some input...

if you don't care about ponies you can just skip this, unless you have any advice for selling custom plush in general...

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