gross smells

  • Sep. 19th, 2012 at 1:40 PM
antoj: (sarif jensen)
crandles is coping slightly better... JUST SLIGHTLY.

anyway im posting this because i am curious... i just got a figure in the mail of some COOL GUY that no one knows who is i am sure but he reeks like cigarettes.


funny because i half suspected it. the auction description didnt list this as a possible issue, but the guys eBay profile did (i went to it to see if he had anything else listed for sale) but i noticed this /after/ i already won the figure... so i suspected he would, and he does, but its horrible. :( I don't like being near him and i fear his stink will wipe off on my other things. anyone know any ideas to make the smell go away?

also some of his joints are really lose, more specifically the waist joint, its a turning one but its weird. I suppose it wont matter since I'll likely be posing him on a shelf forever but it still bugs me.

:I still got him for a pretty good deal though... but i am a bit annoyed.

this post is going to be about video games

  • May. 26th, 2012 at 6:34 PM
antoj: (Smirk)
a week or so ago (I FORGET WHEN :D:D:D) i played the demo for spec ops: the line. AND IT WAS REALLY NEAT. i like the environment, and despite it being in a city that's covered almost entirely with sand (and destroyed by sand storms lol) it's not /all brown/. Not that brown games bug me, but people bitch about it a lot. and i bet people will bitch about that game "being brown" anyway lollo

I'd been watching the preview images/videos for this game for a while now (over a year? i think?) but I hadn't planned on buying it right when it came out... but now thanks to that demo I've pre-ordered it off amazon. oh, and amazon is giving me free $10 for pre-ordering it from them. free amazon money and a game? sold.

I also pre-ordered the new Resistance vita game even though the studio behind it has that terrible "playstation move heroes" game on their roster oh god why BUT I'M TRYING TO GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. But Insomniac is done... so... :'c I'll have to deal with it.

BUT THIS BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT. I feel like I have too many uncompleted games. TOO MANY. And now I have to decide which one to play next. I'm hoping I can finish two full games before Spec Ops comes out (end of June) i can probably do that. i could probs do more if i wasn't so intent on replaying games i've already played. killzone 3 is a cool guy though.

i have other uncompleted games, but out of the playstation 3 and the Ps vita games, which should I play next!? (also Resistance: Burning Skies isn't out yet, but will be on Tuesday, so i added it anyway)

Also E3 is next week!!! NEXT WEEK!!! NEXT. WEEK.

i don't even know what to expect, other than obvious things, but oh golly gee whiz... i am looking forward to the unknown. btw, if anything inFamous related is announced the internet might implode, and it might be my fault. just a fair warning.

also looking forward to anything from insomniac. hoping to see more of overstrike. :x The devs keep tweeting about playing the game SO I HOPE THEY WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW AT E3 NEXT WEEK. im too excited.

and i might be getting sick BUT IDC BCUZ VIDYA GAMES.

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