some kind of an update

  • Jun. 16th, 2014 at 5:39 PM
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Some things that have happened recently... uhm...

I'm moving again soon. Well, October to be exact. Everyone here is tired of dealing with the landlord's crap. She is too cheap and hires workers to fix things that aren't really fixed when they leave. They were going to leave my sink leaking more than it was when they arrived had I not intercepted them and informed them it was still pouring water out the bottom. They also "fixed" our back gate by making impossible to open unless you literally body slam it. Plus the house is old and kind of falling apart. Stuff we want to fix or replaced (our oven isn't broken, but it is literally the worst oven I've ever used in my life) the landlord is just like WELL IT ISN'T BROKEN SO DEAL WITH IT~~ so everyone is done. just done.

Not looking forward to moving (really) but it might be nice to start over again with placement of everything.

Last week was all the E3 stuff. The only thing that consistently made a presence to me was Sunset Overdrive. It's made by my favorite game developer (Insomniac Games, surely people who read this know that already?) and it just looks SO FUN. Anyone who followed my (surely obnoxious) live tweeting of all the e3 stuff probably saw me whine about how it was the game I wanted the most. But... its Xbone exclusive. I don't want an Xbone, I told myself. It's not worth buying an Xbone for ONE game, I said.

Well then on Wednesday morning, Insomniac posted about how they were doing a ~public event~ in Los Angeles showing off Sunset Overdrive, doing giving away some posters (for pre-ordering the game) and some other stuff. I was at work, and I immediately started debating. Should I go? I loved the last Insomniac event I went to, probably the most fun I've had at something in a long long time. Surely it would be similar... right?

Well, I went. AND IT WAS AMAZING. I got to play the game too! IT IS ALSO AMAZING. The mode I got to play was a multiplayer mode, but I got to play with all the weapons it has the I love the colorful art style and fast movements. There is a gun that shoots vinyl records. And another one that shoots explosive Teddy Bears. LIKE REALLY. The worst part (for me) was that the demo came without an inverted Y axis so it was a bit difficult for me to play. I'm one of those people that ALWAYS has to switch the axis. (for those who don't know, it means making the camera controls so down is up and up is down) I don't know why? It's always been that way. Even if I forget to change it when I start playing my camera angle is immediately shoved into the floor and I know why. My brain is just wired that way!! So I kept having to make an extra effort to turn the camera.

I still managed to get 3rd place in my group though. Somehow. I was also in the first group of people ~in the public~ (ie: not E3 attenders) that go to play Sunset Overdrive.

I also got a super cool signed poster...which I unfortunately am unable to share a picture of... becauuuuuuuuse as I'm typing this my cell phone just broke. For... no real reason.

WELL I guess I know what I'm doing for the rest of the afternoon.

fun times ahead!

  • Sep. 27th, 2013 at 7:35 PM
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Kayla is coming to visit again next month, just happened to book the weekend that my birthday is on too, which is exciting! I've done... well... absolutely nothing for my birthday for 5 or so years (I don't actually remember) so it'll be really fun I think.

Sucky thing is she's only going to be here for a few days ahhhhh

I'm glad this news happened when it did though. I was feeling super down for a while. I won't really go into specifics, as it's not important, but pretty much as soon as she told me she bought her plane ticket it was like....poof gone. It's weird. But I'm extremely glad because ugh. UGHHH. I'm still not sure if my depressed periods are related to anything (hormonal) or just because I am a thing. I mean, I've had issues for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I used to go through random spikes of it being especially bad for a week or two, and then it would stable out... but lately? It's been very constant... until Kayla said she was visiting. :I I don't know what to make of that. I really don't.

BUT WE HAVE PLANS!!!! I'm actually super thrilled she's coming when she is because of the amusement parks here. :3 We're going to go to Knott's Halloween Haunt this year (on the day of my actual birthday, not because its my birthday specifically, but because the tickets were the least amount of money on that day vs the other days she was here. LOL) I haven't been to THAT in...gee...years. YEARS AND YEARS. Probably was the last time I went to Knott's in general. SO I AM EXCITEMENT. We're going to go dressed up as Dan and Chris too... hooray for subtle costumes!

And then today she sent me a picture of something from the Long Beach Aquarium saying she wants to go...!!! So we will likely be doing this too, as soon as I figure out how much it is. :'D but we probably are going to go anyway because we already decided to bring my Dan and Chris dolls along for pictures in front of various sea creatures.

And....hopefully if all works out, I can hitch a free ride to Disneyland on my brother's employment there. :) GOTTA DO ALL THE THINGS AND STUFF.

Aug. 10th, 2013

  • 8:35 PM
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I GOT PICTURES HERE. some of the pictures of Dan and Chris adventures I had while kayla was visiting... not all of them because I was too lazy to resize them all... plus some stuff about PONY MERCH and then a random facebook related thing bcuz omg my life is so fun and interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of dan vs though.

also that episode list WILL be coming soon. It'll take me a bit to type out, and I must plan and decide exactly which episodes I love best...!!!!! :D
Lots of images here!! )

crandles can't cope

  • Sep. 16th, 2012 at 6:53 PM
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ok so here is a picture of the new cat clicky.

he's cute. and hyper. VERY HYPER. lol.

Crandles doesn't like him though. At all. I feel really bad for her. When I came home from work yesterday she came to greet me as per usual, but crawled out from behind the television to do it. :(

Today when I woke up, she was back behind the tv again. The kitten was put in the other room and I coaxed her out from behind the TV, then I put her in my room again and she's been in here all day since then. I feel bad for her because she's tried to leave twice, only to come running back in less than 5 seconds later because she saw the kitten again.

I wonder how long it will take her to adapt, or if there's something I can do to let her warm up to him. I mean, I assume she will anyway, and he is put in the other room at night so she can have free roam then... and... I have some water/food for her in my room... but still. She isn't used to this. :(

It's been two days though, and Crandles isn't the best at coping with new things (LIKE ME) but she is my kitty so I just feel like I need to do something. :(


i went to a place. i read a book.

  • Jun. 21st, 2012 at 10:00 PM
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so today i went and hung out with [ profile] sorcererhuntres, [ profile] kyogres and [ profile] okapifeathers... and it was really fun. it was a better way to end my day than the frustrating people at work. :D

oh also i'm going to disneyland with them on sunday. i haven't been since..............2003. so this should be interesting. i'm probably going to be the only one there to go w/o a pokemon plush BUT I DIDN'T TELL THEM THIS. im going to bring my adam jensen figure and take pictures of him and post them on twitter. bcuz what is my life. he will stick out from all the pokemon plush and it will be hilariously amusing to me. yes. so im pretty excited. I GOTTA GET UP EARLYYYYYYYYYYY cuz im driving them there now. but in turn i get paid slightly for parking aww yeaa so im ok with this.

i had to put gas in my car too and i was like my windsheilds are kinda lookin like butts. so i used one of those little squeegee things they have there. uhm. made it worse. like 50% worse. now my windows look like crap. i gotta rewash them before i anyone in my car :'c i'll be ashamed.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then yesterday i finish the killzone book. like......all of it. in one day. IT WAS TOO GOOD. it follows the game pretty closely, taking small things out (:'c) and adding some things in (some of it was good, one element in particular kind of irritated me bcuz it was forced in for no reason) BUT IT WAS GOOD. i kept reading up and being like OH A STAHL SCENE IS COMING UP IMMA KEEEEEEEEP READING > repeat till end of book.

yes i regret nothing.

Apr. 17th, 2012

  • 4:11 PM
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jet's sister died today too.

i seriously think it had to do with jet dying a bit ago... i don't think she could cope with life without her sister anymore. they were from the same litter, and they did everything together. i can't think of any other reason. she wasn't sick.

now just the brother is left. i hope he isn't too lonely without them anymore.


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sometimes i want to throw my car off a cliff and then throw more cars on top of it because it pulls shit like this. )

ALSO THIS IS A RANDOM QUESTION BUT DO ANYONE OF YOU GUYS KNOW WHO CAN MAKE JACKETS. i decided recently i want cole's jacket but idk how to do patterns for clothing so idk if i could do it. aaaaaaahhhhhhssjad. i could probs look online for one that looks similar but im too lazy for that obviously.

you guys last night in new vegas i had to kill an entire nest of night stalkers and it made me sad forever cuz they are the best. their walk cycles are the most adorable thing ever and they are so cuuuuuuttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee. but as soon as one notices me boone runs over there and like kicks its face off. :'c poor things.

also this new killzone 3 trailer makes me want this game way more than i did 2 seconds ago. )

day 2 and 3

  • Nov. 11th, 2010 at 2:35 PM
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So I already missed one day of this meme! |:

Except i have a reason!! I've been sick! It sucks ass because I had been planning ALL WEEK to use today to go roller blading across the street. It's so rare that there is no one over at that damn school. And its so open and perfect for practicing.....but yea I'm sick like whoa. I spent 90% of my day yesterday battling fever/pains/etc and like idk. NOT EVEN THE COLD MEDICINE I TOOK DID ANYTHING (srsly) I ended up falling asleep for a bit around 10pm but was woken up cuz Crandles was walking all over me and sniffing at my face and stuff. |: STUPID KITTY. but then i went to bed....and woke up at 5am.....yea. I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT BUT IM NOT SUPER DYING AGAIN (yet) SO HERE I AM POSTING THINGS IN MY LJ BECAUSE PRIORITIES, I HAVE THEM.

day 2 and 3 of vidya game meme )


  • Nov. 7th, 2010 at 11:59 PM
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Then I drew this:

i blame [ profile] okapifeathers btw. zeke is the sexiest, even as a suicune. also my otp is filled with so much loving love you cannot even comprehend.

also i am working on a better introduction post but megaupload decided to be a douchewad and its making me want to light everything on fire so imma stop that for rn.

aww yiss

  • Nov. 4th, 2010 at 11:13 PM
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I GOT MY ROLLER BLADES TODAY!!!! I am pleased. I tried them on and I found out I can stand pretty okay with them on carpet...:D:D:D:D but i went outside for a bit but uhhhhhh i stayed clung to the back door cuz i was in my pajamas and didn't fancy falling on my ass in them. I noticed I have a tendency to roll backwards.... |D

I also had to get man skates cuz my feet are giangantor but I'm okay with that. i mean california said i was a man for a few years so w/e same diff!!!! BUT YEA. It was fun though! I rly wanna try getting better at them. though my plan of staying close to the ground and scooting around on them won't work cuz uhm they kind of make it impossible to bend my ankles....... :D; oops.

I also got some gloves... that look like cole's! :D but i realized i should probably get elbow pads too.... :\ I usually hate wearing that stuff cuz i'd look like a giant homo but then i remember i have nerve damage in my left arm, p much stemming from the elbow. so uhmmmmmm kinda don't wanna fuck that up more! I might have to go get some... IDK WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

Though I wish I had someone to fag around with in them. lmao IDK when I'm gonna get practice in cuz i don't have anyone to hang out with. |: lmao. i am a loser. it would help if I could go practice in the school across the street but the only time no one is over there is when its dark out these days....... and that school is made of nightmares when its dark. ): seriously i have had nightmares about that school at night so kind of super dnw.

also my dad saw them and was like "Y DID U BUY THOSE" and its like IDK MAN DON'T JUDGE ME. :_____: coz getting exercise is trbl obvs.

PICS OF MY COLE GLOVES UNDER THE CUT!!!!!! (also part of my roller blade hrurr )

my ankle kind of hurts rn. IS THIS NORMAL? i need to practice more huh? fffffff. OK IM DONE NOW.


  • Sep. 16th, 2010 at 9:03 PM

resistance 2 press kit wheeeeee.

  • May. 7th, 2010 at 8:02 PM
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guys i won the resistance 2 press kit. c: this one is apparently missing the press disc but I think i'm ok with that. it looks like it comes with a bunch of neat little tidbits anyway. I sniped it, of course. lol. i got it from the same guy that sold me my infamous press kit too. i swear he is the coolest bro on all of ebay. where does he get these things? fffffff.

the next thing on my list is actually on eBay atm. well, technically there is three listed right now. one of them ends tomorrow night (technically sunday morning) at 4:58am PST. guess who's staying up all night? :'D oh yeah.

oh yea and remember all the drama poop going on with those suethors or w/e the fuck? ya well apparently i'm interesting enough for one of their mods to not leave me alone. i mean idek. she left some random ass comment on one of my arts and it's not like i recently posted it either. i kinda wonder if its their attempt at trying to troll me or w/e, but lol they need to try moar than just call zeke a fatty, k. learn to be witty or just be downright rude, don't be vague because its unfunny. i shouldn't be having to say that. i find it more amusing because it's the one i called a skank way back when, too.

i feel so run-down too. i just i dunno. it might not have helped the only thing i have eaten is candy today, or maybe its just my sleeping, or the breathing shit that still isn't cleared up. i don't even know. i'm getting tired of it though. i still need to get my mom a mother's day gift but i just don't feel like doing *anything*. maybe tomorrow. i know what i wanna get i just need to drag myself down to the mall. hurrdurr. i still gotta try to find a marill too. my local target isn't restocking anymore because they still have that huge box of bronzors. there is a target in the mall though so maybe i will have some luck there tomorrow. x_X

this morning when i woke up for a bit to snipe the r2 kit i went out of my room to get some water before going back to bed my cat was outside in the hallway. she like stared at me for a good 10 seconds before meowing like 10 tiny meows at me and walking over to me while purring. i just jdllsdkjksf. i love my cat ok she is adorable.


  • Apr. 4th, 2010 at 3:49 PM
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So so ..... idk whoever follows me on twitter just got like 900000000+ twitter spams about an earthquake we just had.


earthquake from baja california.


that seems too far away to have felt it as much as i did. .___.;

Also it just now occurred to me that sitting at my desk is probably the most unsafe place to be during an earthquake. :I

i'm still working on the pokederps from my other entry btw, and was in the middle of drawing them when the earthquake happened lollllol


I will never get lost again.

  • Dec. 25th, 2009 at 2:41 PM
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Wow this must be the first year I got more than one thing off my holiday list. Hooray~

I got..... MY GPS DEVICE oh yeah. I will never get lost again. I am currently plugging it into my computer so I can download a british accent for it. ~totally not a freak~

I also got a starbucks assortment basket, (and a $25 gift card, hells yea, I will be jittery for weeks on all dis coffee)

Delicious candies (salted caramels from trader joes....s-so delicious)
SCRIBBLENAUTS hell yeaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm going to spend the next 4 hours writing in random shit just to lol at it.
Keroro Gunsou season 1 part 1 (I was not expecting to get this LOL I AM AMAZE)
jelly beans (om nom nom jelly belly)
Big fanciful coffee mugs (or tea, both delicious)
Fancy artful unicron/pegasus lady shirt with many colors (ALSO IT IS LARGE, does my family think i wear size 9000 too? ~weeps~)
SOCKS (I actually like socks.. ): shut up)
In-and-out giftcard from my grandma...which I am selling to my parents due to vegetarian times. LOL.

oh and.... I was shocked and amazed my brother actually bought me a gift this year. ~TEARY EYES~ (he usually forgets, and tosses money at me, which is cool but gifts are nice too! XD) but but but.. he got me... the first three seasons of psych on dvd. like holy crap, he makes the video game i bought him seem cheap! ;3; i am so happy.....eeee.... i wanna watch a christmas psych episode while writing dumb shit on scribblenauts.

ALSO MY DAD DOESN'T PLAY ALLIANCE ANYMORE. |: I did not know this.. i guess WoW drama happened so he was like :[ at the shirt and i was like... e_e I can exchange it..... and he was like YOU DON'T HAVE TO.... BUT I KNOW HE DOESN'T LIKE IT SO IMMA CHANGE IT. I hope hot topic still has horde shirts. lol. he still plays as a goddamn elf though

my cat will forever be gender confused now

  • Nov. 18th, 2009 at 9:55 AM
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I dropped my cat off to get neutered this morning.

The vet called.

My cat is a girl.



Note to self: Get a navigator, or a GPS

  • Jul. 30th, 2009 at 10:26 PM
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SO SO... today I made the epic drive to some animu store like an hour away from my house. Or at least it should have been. But even with directions I have no sense of direction.

Summary: I got lost, had to get new directions on AIM from [ profile] zenity, got new directions, avoided construction sites with A+ accuracy, made it to store in twice the amount of time it should have. Drove back with no problems, though I did get one super sunburned arm. Awesome right? my sexy watch-tan is going to be 90x more visible now.

For the longer version I have a photo story I made with my gay pokemon dolls. Enjoy, if you're into that kind of thing.

check out a preview though (lol god he's so cute and derpy in chibi form bro)

omg photo story under cut (many pichurs ok) )

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