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  • Jul. 15th, 2012 at 1:21 PM
antoj: (Cole Russian)
yes omg look what happened i woke up today and then this

SUDDENLY I NEED THIS GAME MORE THAN I NEED ANYTHING. ok now all that's left on my all stars wishlist is MOAR INSOMNIAC. ratchet & clank and something from resistance. PREFERRABLY NATHAN HALE but im not sure how many shooter characters they can add w/o it getting stale so i will take a chimera if they don't do hale. JUST SOMETHING GDI.

also i see a lot of people asking for crash bandicoots and spyro and THIS WOULD BE COOL bcuz then all the insomniac and all the naughty dog, but my only problem with this is that they are using the newest costumes for each of these characters (like Jak is Jak 3, and Cole is inFamous 2/etc) so im thinking if they did they'd probs use the fugly new spyro and derp crash AND I DNW. so thats my only problem with that.

but srsly all stars, needs more insomniac and then i will love you forever.

also what else uhm I LIKE THAT COLE'S DEFAULT IN THIS TRAILER IS HERO COLE? that's kind of cool. hero cole is canon dont even question me i am hoping there is alternate costume for original inFamous cole because inFamous 2 cole still has a stupid face. i will never be over it

also in the jak trailer radec uses the stahl arms arc canon and i think i peed a little when i realized it. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME IS AMAZING.

vidya games 2011 thing

  • Dec. 30th, 2011 at 9:18 PM
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SUP FLIST. this post i am going to talk about the video games i played over the course of this year, and such. its basic 100% uninteresting to everyone except me so i won't be upset if you skip this.

i only play dumb games no one else plays anyway :D


i accidentally all the infamoose

  • Oct. 8th, 2011 at 8:31 PM
antoj: (Dammit Anto)
the other day i became aware of a super duper cool item that is apparently exclusive to italy and its ridiculously awesome but i doubt i will ever find one. part of me believes it MIGHT be a bootleg but its cool enough that i want it anyway. but anyway, after i was told about it i just about turned the internet upside down trying to find one spoilers: i didnt but i did however find this:
its an image )

my voice is really stupid but...

  • Jun. 7th, 2011 at 3:58 PM
antoj: (Awesome)

i made this video. also my voice is really dumb. its all super pointless though. the highlight is me making fun of the cole statue. also i had to take the entire video with one hand because i used my cell phone.

also this is the best use of the backpack.

the end!!!!
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so like i am sure it is no secret to you, flist, that i need the inFamous 2 press kit like burning. i am noticing slowly more of them finding their way to various media outlets, and i'm hoping after the game releases they will trickle into sales and i will nab one (even if i have to sell my kidneys to get one i will ok this is infamous)

BUT TO MAKE UP FOR THIS I SPENT A LARGE PORTION OF YESTERDAY RE-CREATING COLE'S COURIER ID CARD AS SEEN IN THE PRESS KIT (the bottom one in this here picture). I basically took that photo, scanned a real ID card to get the size in 300dpi and then went about copying it in photoshop.

IT TOOK ME LIKE 5 HOURS. most of that time trying to find fonts that matched. they're not the exact fonts but they're close enough i dont think anyone will tell.

but then i don't have a printer so i went to a copy store and had the employees print it out for me. THEY SEEMED KIND OF LIKE ANNOYED OF ME so i only got two (one of them was an error but im keeping it anyway) someday i'd really /really/ like to get some more of these made. lol.

pichurs of the final result under here )

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