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  • Mar. 18th, 2013 at 5:10 PM
antoj: (Ha Ha)
sup my jouranlite buddies!???!

what's up?!?!

i haven't been around lately because uhm... i'm lazy. No really... actually my friend [personal profile] thekayla came out to visit and it was like super fun. we got to go to disneyland ~for free~ because my brother works there now. also i rode the tower of terror because i had always wanted to. i have a strange love for the twilight zone and i just needed to see the themeing. turns out it is probably my new favorite ride. i don't understand everyone who ever told me it was terrible (read: almost everyone) ITS AMAZING. i wanna ride it 100 times.

sad we didn't get to ride the dumb cars ride though. it's fun but it had like 8098949748298421 people all day every day waiting for it, and they ran out of fast passes about 30 seconds after the park opened so uhm.....yeah. perhaps next time!?

but then when she went home i got sick. i'm currently in the process of coughing my lungs inside out and it's super duper awesome.

how many of you LJ buddies are going to move to DW/already have a DW when LJ forces that horrible new "FRIENDS FEED" thing on us? im already posting from DW and i read my DW page but seems like barely anyone posts on it lol.

also i'll try to comment more. ive actually read pretty much everything that's been posted since i updated last but so lazy......

today i bought a my little pony bag because i'm SO COOL. it will match my wallet. which is also ponies.

being an adult is hard

spp ;3;

  • Oct. 21st, 2011 at 11:33 AM
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so yesterday was pretty good. i ended up getting a migraine before work was over. when i got home my parents convinced me to take a vicodin for it since we were supposed to go out to eat. i did and surprisingly it worked. i did feel a bit zombie-ish but it didn't completely zonk me out either...which was ok.

ANYWAY, it was a pretty good day in general...:3 I got some neat shirts and some vitamin water and like 900 different snacks from trader joe's from my parents (y so good, trader joe's.) and i got $50 in gamestop munz and a neato playstation pin from my brother. desu ex, you will be mine i got a starbucks card from work, and some more snacky things... also [ profile] eyebrowaddict got me the r3 guide (artwork yay) and a super cool inFamous 2 shirt. :UUU

got a lot of wishes from various friends too (thanks 2 you all.) including on some forums i go on. :'D i was kind of surprised i got a pm and a few visitor messages and all. everyone is so nice.

but like, ngl, the highlight of my day that had me flipping out was this:

.....i-i kinda did ask for it in another tweet, but usually they just ignore everything i send. SO I AM STILL RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY.

and i count this as the virtual brofist i wanted for like, ever. SPP APPROVES. AND THEY WISHED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
i wish embedding wasn't disabled on this video because it accurately portrays how i feel about this and i use this clip all the time but its the best thing ever, is why

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