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  • Dec. 30th, 2011 at 9:18 PM
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SUP FLIST. this post i am going to talk about the video games i played over the course of this year, and such. its basic 100% uninteresting to everyone except me so i won't be upset if you skip this.

i only play dumb games no one else plays anyway :D



  • May. 30th, 2011 at 11:43 PM
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so today i got all the steam-trophies for half-life 2. yaaaaaaay. now the episodes should go on sale so i can beat them too ;-;

but at the end of ravenholm in the mines, in the bottom part with thousands of poison and fast headcrabs i found something amusing
its a video )
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so like i am sure it is no secret to you, flist, that i need the inFamous 2 press kit like burning. i am noticing slowly more of them finding their way to various media outlets, and i'm hoping after the game releases they will trickle into sales and i will nab one (even if i have to sell my kidneys to get one i will ok this is infamous)

BUT TO MAKE UP FOR THIS I SPENT A LARGE PORTION OF YESTERDAY RE-CREATING COLE'S COURIER ID CARD AS SEEN IN THE PRESS KIT (the bottom one in this here picture). I basically took that photo, scanned a real ID card to get the size in 300dpi and then went about copying it in photoshop.

IT TOOK ME LIKE 5 HOURS. most of that time trying to find fonts that matched. they're not the exact fonts but they're close enough i dont think anyone will tell.

but then i don't have a printer so i went to a copy store and had the employees print it out for me. THEY SEEMED KIND OF LIKE ANNOYED OF ME so i only got two (one of them was an error but im keeping it anyway) someday i'd really /really/ like to get some more of these made. lol.

pichurs of the final result under here )

Dec. 10th, 2010

  • 7:57 PM
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omg so tomorrow is the last day until i get a day off!!!! sucks that its a 9+ hour day but lol. MY THIRTEEN DAY STRETCH IS ALMOST OVER!!!! tehn i will spend ALL OF SUNDAY gaming, or maybe i will update my website or something LOL. but probably play vidya games...cuz i gotta catch up! I need to play new vegas before christmas cuz i got my dad new vegas for pc... and i want to be like "YES I KNOW HOW TO DO *EVERYTHING* ALREADY /cool shades/" because i am the best.

I DID SOME CHRISTMAS SHOOPIN TODAY. i also got an app on my phone to track christmas gifts this year and my budget and shit. I LOVE MY NEW PHONE. god why did i hold onto that sidekick for so long i dont even.

oh uhhhhhhhh on my shoopin I was buying some games for people and gamestop was having a sale to buy two used games get one free!!!!!! so i ran out of titles i wanted to buy for people and i accidentally this. now i have like...5 games i need to play...and...six? coming out next year that I want? :'D resistance triple and infamous 2 take priority...but i want LA Noire like burning too

somehow i have a feeling i will still end up watching mad men forever instead. but i will run out of episodes eventually >:C

Day 26 - Best voice acting.
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