coffee and apples

  • Dec. 18th, 2009 at 8:15 PM
antoj: (Smiles)

also good news: people I promised gifts to late might get them on time after all! If I'm not busted in half tomorrow or sunday and your parcels are light enough to send off first class I should be able to ship them off Monday! WHOOHOO.

I've done all my shopping with the exception of Mike, Spencer and my mom. LOL I'm gonna order my mom's gift off because i'm too lazy to drive around to 90000 dvd stores looking for it. And as for Mike and Spencer, well, being the generally awesome friend I am I have no freaking clue what to get them despite being their friend since i was a wee child

lol I got that supa cool inFAMOUS shirt from hot topic today too. ;; It was on sale ok, shut up. Also I got a small but it fits me like a goddamn tent. STUPID HOT TOPIC. I also took off the tags so I'm stuck with trashbag shirt. BUT W/E I WILL JUST LOOK LIKE A HOBO WHEN I WEAR IT. a badass hobo.

also I know what I'm getting the second christmas is over (for the 0.0000000000000000001% chance I get the game for christmas... lol if my brother can catch onto hints of ANY KIND he might get it for me...but he usually forgets to buy me anything and just tosses me a $$20 every year for birthday and christmas lol) but but yeah cuz I got a text message from gamestop and somehow I have 37 dollars of unused reservation credit. I have no fucking clue where that shit came from but LOL OH OK. THAT WILL COVER THE PRICE OF INFAMOUS FUCK YEAH ~rocks out~

I also decided I really need like burning is some kick ass Resistance livejournal icons. I SUCK AT GRAPHICS.... so idk does anyone know where to get icons for a game no one but me likes? i might also be interested in infamous icons

as for now, I am sitting here with coffee, and exploding pounding headache, and a heating pad on my back hoping I will be less exploded tomorrow for what will most certainly be a hellish day of washing filthy dogs all day. :D~~

also I seriously hope Good Dogma will be closed the day after Christmas. If it's not I will feel ripped off by not getting any extra days off from Christmas. ~sadface~ I even work on christmas eve.... in the post office..... it will be the longest 4 hours of my life. )':

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