adventures in breaking new vegas

  • Mar. 16th, 2015 at 6:07 PM
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so i've been playing fallout: new vegas again and it's a lot of fun. Yay. The only bad thing is the game runs pretty awful on ps3. The lag and all that was so bad my game could play for about 10 minutes before slowing down to unplayable levels. Unfortunately there's no way to fix it. The save files just get too big and bethesda doesn't care about the ps3.

So I switched to playing my game on PC instead. I actually have a decent computer now and can play the game on the highest settings possible. I also installed a bunch of mods to make the game cooler. One of my favorite ones stripped out the extra color filters and makes the game look more ~realistic~. I am mesmerized by how much nicer it looks.

BUT being me, I always break stuff. My favorite things to do in games is to climb on stuff that the game does not want you to climb on. I don't know why. But, while playing the game, I noticed there was a spot where it looked like I could climb onto the roof of one of the game locations (Camp McCarran). I did *not* use the console commands to shut off clipping to get up here. Kayla watched me do it on stream, it took a few tries, but I managed to scale up the side of the supply warehouse which was connected to the main airport. From there I started to explore...

Very large pictures. I was too lazy to resize them )

get all the inFAMOUS glitches

  • Aug. 1st, 2011 at 1:03 AM
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So idk if i posted this here but i am working on getting the platinum trophies in inFAMOUS and inFAMOUS 2 again on an alternate PSN account (its "CoelMacGroof" if anyone wants to add him ololol) but today i accidentally glitches. i find fun things in inFAMOUS no matter what, no matter how many times i have played it...

some videos )

and btw i have all the trophies except the ones for going through on evil. bawww evil cole i dont like you so obvs this plat won't be hard to get. :I I can blow through the entire game (ignoring side missions anyway) in like a day. I CAN PLAY THIS GAME LIKE A ROBOT. ITS PROBABLY CREEPY AND WEIRD. but after 10+ times what do you expect

btw did i mention i like infamous

this is what you get when you're a pervert

  • Jun. 13th, 2011 at 9:23 PM
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this is another post about infamous 2. i hope you're used to this by now. if not i apologize sort of. i started on my evil play last night. I DON'T LIKE EVIL COLE but sometimes stuff he does is funny. like you can get away with throwing cars at everything and not even care. i had literally just touched feet in new marais before he went on a huge rampage and destroyed all of the things. actually it was even more funny in my attempts to juggle cars one of them actually fell on him and he died instantly. its what he deserves

BUT YEA I DONT LIKE EVIL COLE. his powers aren't as good as the good karma powers, and he turns really ugly. lol. good cole looks human still and he acts like one :| BUT YEAAAAA. im doing it for the trophies.

but the main point of this post is to show you some lols i've got in infamous 2 so far. no game would be any game i play unless i find 9 ways to break it. i can tell this is still running on the same engine that infamous 1 ran in too....because some of the same glitches from i1 are in i2. like, if cole's foot gets stuck on something he jumps too close to he can't run anymore but instead you can make him spin in place w/o his legs moving (its really funny, i have a video of this happening to me in infamous 1, as well, if anyone wanted to see what i meant)

i've also made him float in place like that other video of cole i made in infamous 1 put to lady gaga music. loloollo i miss somethings though, like stretchy legs macgrath from infamous 1. THAT WAS HILARIOUS :( ok enough of my rambling i have photos of glitches under the cut:

i plan to get at least 200 more infamous 2 glitches but this will do for now )

also is it weird playing infamous 2 is making me super nostalgic to play the first one again??? :D:D:D:D im doin it wrong


  • Dec. 21st, 2010 at 12:47 AM
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so this just happened:
[00:13] [ profile] antoj: WHAT I CANT GET OVER
[00:13] [ profile] antoj: IS THAT HIS JACKET IS LEATHER RIGHT
[00:14] [ profile] antoj: do you find a leather jacket that fits anatomy like that.
[00:14] [ profile] antoj: what the hell
[00:14] [ profile] eyebrowaddict: THAT BUGGED ME TOO
[00:14] [ profile] eyebrowaddict: it looks more like spandex in that picture
[00:14] [ profile] antoj: sjdlksa
[00:14] [ profile] eyebrowaddict: HAHA

THIS IS OF COURSE, About the inFAMOUS comic cover that was posted. BTW I posted more stuff about them in my [ profile] infamous_ps3. :O I found some drawings by the artist credited for the illustrations in the news post. they look a lot better than the cover too.
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So I was playing New Vegas for most of yesterday.....and will probably do the same today. MAKING THE MOST OF MY DAYS OFF, I AM.

and like always I found a few glitches I thought I would share~~
Details under cut (images + vidyas) )

cole learned levitate

  • Oct. 12th, 2010 at 12:48 AM
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1) i drawed this. idk why my draws keep getting huger and huger but they do. ps kind of an inside joke maybe but w/e

2) When you see it you will lol (maybe...well i am amuse by it)

3) I MADE A VIDEO. kind of. i actually just recorded some inFAMOUS footage and slapped a lady gaga song in the background. in this video is a glitch i probably should have put in my previous entry, as i've messed around with this before but WHATEVER TOO LATE. basically inFAMOUS touts being able to go ~*~EVERYWHERE~*~ right? well there is somewhere the game doesn't let you go...and if you try then idk i guess cole gets a new superpower...

spoilers: he learns levitate )

i wonder if i will ever tire of this game

  • Sep. 26th, 2010 at 12:30 AM
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my guess is no.

...probably not even after the second one comes out. not unless it somehow manages to top the introductory gameplay of infamous. i mean srsly the cole/zeke bffery is like the best ever.

also this:

cole can levitate too )

what the hell are you doing mister

  • Sep. 20th, 2010 at 2:30 AM
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what is he doing. i was just trying to aim at some shit on the floor from on a beam and then his head got all stupid. so i took a picture. he looks drunk. stop drinking cole. you need to save empire city you goddamn slacker.

a crandle )

someone should take away my ps3 ok

  • Jun. 12th, 2010 at 3:55 PM
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OK SO. last night, as i do when i'm like dying and dead, i fart around on my ps3!!11 instead of sleeping!!!!!!

it started as usual with me punching the shit out of everything in inFAMOUS because duh that shit will never get unfun. Well Cole was like punching the crap out of some car because it honked at him. how dare they so yeah. how he still has good karma i dont even know ok

he flipped the car on its side and lol i noticed the driver inside was like impaled on the steering wheel.

cole ur such a cool guy ok.

BUT THEN [ profile] eyebrowaddict GOT ON PSN AND WE WERE LIKE HEY LETS FAG AROUND IN LBP WITH OUR NEW HEAVY RAIN SKINS!!! read: make jayden hump the crap out of ethan (yes we are mentally 14 why do you ask).


o but also i decided to remake my phone's theme. TO ~*~INFAMOUS~*~ theme. yep.

I also have a Heavy Rain keyguard BECAUSE I NEEDED ONE OK DON'T EVEN QUESTION ME.

new sidekick theme teehee )


  • Mar. 6th, 2010 at 11:07 PM
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no really.

i spent.

nine hours making a new profile for my LJ.


also i found a supa kawaiidesu html tag that lets me add tool tips to things so like there are hidden messages all up in that profile and shit. i am so proud of myself

OH OH.....also the second general faggotry box THOSE USER ICONS WILL CHANGE EVERYTIME YOU REFRESH LOLZ i found a script because i didnt know what icon i wanted to put there the most. SO ANY OF THEM CAN APPEAR THERE AND THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!! (shut up it is cool)

also i havent eaten for like 10 hours so imma go do that now ok bye.

oh also just for kicks here is a picture of cole being a giant homo:
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lol so one of my favorite things besides wasting my life is to waste my life by breaking video games. I like to mess around like hxc (ie: spend 2 hours on what it takes a normal person 10 minutes to do) BUT RESULTS SOMETIMES COME OF IT.

It started when I was doing a mission in inFAMOUS and Zeke started acting a bit weird. He spazzed out, and then just froze in place. I started shoving him around randomly because it was lulz. My original intent was to shove him down a flight of stairs but the game ended my mission for running too far away right before I got to the stairs with him. ):

but when it reloaded Zeke's programming exploded and he started running around shooting in the air and just...idk tripping over everything and it was hilarious. SO I WAS LIKE YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH and busted out my camera and took some shitty videos of it.

does anyone remember the polygon monster glitch of Fallout 3?

ZEKE TRIES TO IMPERSONATE A POLYGON MONSTER [[images and video under cut]] )

general chase's overcoat

  • Oct. 12th, 2009 at 10:10 PM
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sorry for the double posting but oh my god i just found this and and it's too epic to not be shared.
I bring you ladies and gentlemen:
General Chase's Overcoat

......wait that's not right.

Bethesda does not understand the meaning of QA )

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