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  • Sep. 27th, 2013 at 7:35 PM
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Kayla is coming to visit again next month, just happened to book the weekend that my birthday is on too, which is exciting! I've done... well... absolutely nothing for my birthday for 5 or so years (I don't actually remember) so it'll be really fun I think.

Sucky thing is she's only going to be here for a few days ahhhhh

I'm glad this news happened when it did though. I was feeling super down for a while. I won't really go into specifics, as it's not important, but pretty much as soon as she told me she bought her plane ticket it was like....poof gone. It's weird. But I'm extremely glad because ugh. UGHHH. I'm still not sure if my depressed periods are related to anything (hormonal) or just because I am a thing. I mean, I've had issues for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I used to go through random spikes of it being especially bad for a week or two, and then it would stable out... but lately? It's been very constant... until Kayla said she was visiting. :I I don't know what to make of that. I really don't.

BUT WE HAVE PLANS!!!! I'm actually super thrilled she's coming when she is because of the amusement parks here. :3 We're going to go to Knott's Halloween Haunt this year (on the day of my actual birthday, not because its my birthday specifically, but because the tickets were the least amount of money on that day vs the other days she was here. LOL) I haven't been to THAT in...gee...years. YEARS AND YEARS. Probably was the last time I went to Knott's in general. SO I AM EXCITEMENT. We're going to go dressed up as Dan and Chris too... hooray for subtle costumes!

And then today she sent me a picture of something from the Long Beach Aquarium saying she wants to go...!!! So we will likely be doing this too, as soon as I figure out how much it is. :'D but we probably are going to go anyway because we already decided to bring my Dan and Chris dolls along for pictures in front of various sea creatures.

And....hopefully if all works out, I can hitch a free ride to Disneyland on my brother's employment there. :) GOTTA DO ALL THE THINGS AND STUFF.
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i was organizing pictures in my phone the other day and noticed i took a lot of pictures of my room... and it was funny to me to see how it went from empty blank walls to dan vs taped on every single space... i resized them and now will share here...!

lots of pictures... )


  • Sep. 13th, 2013 at 6:50 PM
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it's tomorrow!!!11!11!11!!


What's tomorrow!?!? why this of course.

Everyone who asked about coming I have added to the group we will use to chat in. I guess no one can see the group until I send a message to it though, but I will wait until 10~20 minutes before the start of the first airing before sending a message. I am still a little paranoid about bugging people. BUT IT IS THERE ALL READY...!!

The stream will be on another site, and will most likely be passworded which you will be able to get from the chat. Kayla and I don't want random joes from the stream site to wander in and be like what. SO YEAH.

Also I will be on voice chat! My voice is weird and sometimes I stutter when I get excited (chances of this happening are like 100% at some point jsyk) so I just want to ~warn you~ for that. You don't have to join voice chat if you don't want to, but you should still opt into the voice call even if you don't have a mic or you won't be able to hear me (or Kayla or anyone else who happens to be on mic) talking.

I REALLY DON"T KNOW HOW TO SKYPE but this is the things I've been told about it by ~skype veterans~. Honestly I rarely use it myself. So let's hope I don't muck it all up. :D~

I WILL BE ON THE CHAT ALL DAY but i will likely need to charge my head set between showings. It's pretty decent but it can't last 12 I think about 6. I use a slightly squeaky wireless ps3 headset that works lovely on my PC (i have tested this before. it works)

As the other entry says no one has to hang around all day or even for an entire showing. I'm going to see if I can keep the chat subtitle updated with the current episode we're playing because... i want to? Organizational purposes? Unless I forget about updating it which might happen

uh i think that's it. AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE IF YOU SHOW UP!!!! :D
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so i mentioned this on twitter.....yesterday??

It was a passing thought.

WHAT IF I STREAMED DAN VS FOR SOME OF YOU GUYS and we all watched it together?!

That's how it started. A passing thought... but when a couple people expressed interested I looked into making this a reality. My conclusions are: my computer cannot do this.

so then Kayla came in and saved the day!!! my co-conspirator in everything I do...!

So basically it's come down to this: We can absolutely stream Dan Vs for you.

If you are interested here is what I am curious about:

-What day are you interested in doing this?

-What chat program would you prefer to use so we can ~hang out~ while watching the same video. (optionally we can use the site we're streaming from (twitch) but if we use a program most people have installed already it prevents you from having to sign up somewhere else)

-If Chat program: Voice Chat or no? I would be okay with talking to you guys during this BECAUSE ITS DAN VS if you guys would be alright with me in general and my (slightly) squeaky PS3 headset I use on my PC. However if we did this this pretty much means we'd have to use skype...!

let me know and then we can set this up and Kayla and I will make up a playlist of episodes and finalize the details.

yaaay im excited :x

time to start saving money...!

  • Aug. 20th, 2013 at 10:06 PM
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all the ps4 news that came out today has me super excited for all the new games. gfjgjdklgl. they're also remaking a game i've always kind of loved because i remember watching my brother play it when I was too small to comprehend games... (plus it was a computer game so im not too great with those, especially then haha) It was on the amiga 500 we used to have and i just....

it's so weird lol. I mentioned it a little on twitter and its funny how excited I am to see more for this game? I wish I knew what studio was working on it. I want to see more. D:

I'm not sure if I'll be buying the remake or not, but I am definitely going to be keeping my eye on it. The game is Shadow of the Beast, if you're curious. It came out in 1989. It's really weird they're suddenly just doing a remake for this. o_o

I wanted to talk to someone all day about how excited I am about this but ... no one can relate ?? I guess the next time I see my brother I'll tell him about it if he hasn't heard but he usually brushes off any game related stuff I bring up. ha. Even though this IS Shadow of the Beast and he played the crap out of that game... I'd like to think he cares? I DON'T KNOW.

its also weird that they're remaking this game when they shut down studio liverpool last year (was it last year? i dont remember -_-) considering it used to be psygnosis.............the studio that MADE shadow of the beast. :| lol


it looks like there is more Dan Vs plush in my future. :x icon related

that top ten list i mentioned

  • Aug. 19th, 2013 at 11:21 PM
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ok so this entry is just going to be talking forever about Dan Vs if you don't care scroll on. If you do care about my opinions on this absolutely amazing show then it's under the cut... I painstakingly picked out 10 episodes that were my favorites. I'll have them on a list here as well as reasons why they are my favorites to go with them. :D

so much dan vs under here )

Aug. 10th, 2013

  • 8:35 PM
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I GOT PICTURES HERE. some of the pictures of Dan and Chris adventures I had while kayla was visiting... not all of them because I was too lazy to resize them all... plus some stuff about PONY MERCH and then a random facebook related thing bcuz omg my life is so fun and interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of dan vs though.

also that episode list WILL be coming soon. It'll take me a bit to type out, and I must plan and decide exactly which episodes I love best...!!!!! :D
Lots of images here!! )

aww yis

  • Aug. 6th, 2013 at 7:30 PM
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look look! this was finished today...!

i had her made that tiny because i wanted her to be in scale with the dan and chris plush i have AND SHE TOTALLY WILL BE if my calculations are correct. I mean, Mr. Mumbles scale isn't consistent in the show anyway BUT I LIKE HER MORE ON THE SMALLER SIDE and since she's posable this means I can stick her on Dan's shoulder or on his head or attacking Chris

im excited.


i am not sure but i have been trying to narrow down my top ~favorite ever~ episodes of dan vs for a bit now... since it seems more and more unlikely the show will get a season 4 (sob)... BUT ... if i made a list i wonder if i should post it here? IDK HOW MANY PEOPLE ON MY LIST WATCH IT BUT... or if anyone would care about what my opinion is on it. LOLOL.

but i might do it anyway because even if its just for my own reference. I forget a lot of things, and it's easier to remember my train of thought if i write it down.

Though I already know what my #1 episode will be.

also i don't know if i ever posted the pictures here i took of dan and chris existing in the outside world while kayla was visiting... I POSTED THEM ON TWITTER AND INSTANT GRAMS but i think i forgot DW because... i... i forget everything?



help i cant

  • Jun. 20th, 2013 at 7:31 PM
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so after like two weeks of debating i finally got the guts to post the Dan Vs plush I got on the official Dan Vs facebook page... all I wanted was a like from them, really.

but then this happened. ITS UNDER A CUT CUZ IT MIGHT BE BIG???? )
i can't stop...I CAN'T....!!

i kind of lol at the people saying that Chris looks weird. Clearly they don't realize how hard it is turning a 2d character into a 3d art format. especially when his hair defies logic.


so i guess this means the official dan vs people approve of my plush. i just wish i knew who it was that ran the definitely isn't the hub lol

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