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I continue to amass Twilight Sparkle plush because I definitely don't have a problem. Today I found the new set of Aurora plush and well... had to buy one for my herd. When I kept looking at the Aurora plush, I kept thinking they looked almost just like the new versions of the Ty plush.

So of course the first thing I did when I got home with them is take a lot of pictures comparing them to each other. :D

Here's the line up. Aurora on the left, Ty on the right. Old Ty is darker colored, new one has the green ribbon on. New Aurora has the 'real' hair, old has the fabric hair.

Side view.

Horse hooves. Another thing that makes the new Ty like the Aurora and unlike its original version. The new one has the MLP logo on the hoof, and they're made of a different type of material (roughly the same stuff as what's on the Aurora ones)

Old and New Ty faces. I'm mixed on this. Obviously the old one has really bad coloring to be Twilight, but I kind of like how the old pattern looks better? The new ones have the eyes really far apart, but I like her colors. I also was rather fond of the sparkly embroidery thread used on the old Ty eyes to make them look shiny. Also note the Ty twilight has a LOT of tinsel in her hair and bangs. I removed a lot of the tinsel from mine because it made her hair look gross and messy. So keep that in mind for this.

Here's the new ty compared to new aurora and old aurora. These all have a lot more in common.

This picture is to show how the wing placement on the old ty plush went. My older twilights are the unicorn versions so I can't compare wing placement, but the old Ty ones had the wings in the same spot as this fluttershy (who is the old Ty version).

Compare this to the placement of the new Ty. The new ones have what I have dubbed "butt wings" because they're very awkwardly placed. The old ones had better placement.

However, all the Aurora plush as far as I know have always had butt wings. So that's something the new Ty plush picked up... for...some reason??

Picture is a littler blurry, but it shows the butt wing placement for both new ty and aurora. odd.

Comparing both Auroras together. the new one is a little taller.

Comparing sides of the Ty twilights.

This is comparing the top of the heads of the Ty ones, to show how the hair patterns go.

Now compared ty and aurora new versions.

And this I find interesting too. The older ty Twilight has a longer horn than the new ty and aurora (aurora in foreground). The aurora plush always had dinky little horns... but ty did not.

Overall, they're so similar it's not really worth having both versions of the new ones. The older versions were a lot different compared to these. Between the new aurora and new ty I actually like the new Ty ones better. The wings match Twilight's body better than the aurora wings do, and the Ty one has thicker hair, which makes her feel more high quality. The body is also a little thicker on the ty one so she feels more sturdy.

I don't have the entire mane 6 in both versions to compare everyone, but when I found the new Auroras today I honestly thought they were the Ty versions first, because they looked almost just like them. It took me checking their tags on each of them to see they were in fact the Aurora versions. Small things like the new colors on Pinkie Pie is present in both Ty and Aurora and Applejack having her freckles is present in both new versions. While I also noticed Fluttershy's hair in the new Ty and Aurora versions is shorter than the original Ty (and aurora had fabric hair so it's not comparable.) It's really strange how both brands changed to be almost the same. I am not sure how this managed to happen considering both were a lot more original in their first iterations.

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