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  • Jan. 30th, 2014 at 6:17 PM
antoj: (Awesome)
So today I got a box in the mail with some more plush toys in it because i'm a responsible adult and i do what i want!!!!!

But anyway the contents of the box got me realizing I accidentally all the twilight sparkle...

o_o uhm.

This wasn't even something I was intentially trying to do. I just kept being like OH THIS ONE IS CUTE I JUST NEED IT BECAUSE REASONS!!!!!!1 and today when 4de twilight came in the mail i was like " this my 6th twilight sparkle doll" ....the answer was yes, yes it is, Anto.

So I decided to do what any person would do with 6 twilight sparkle dolls.


First of all: Twilight isn't even my favorite pony, but somehow I have more dolls of her than any other pony. I DON'T KNOW?? A lot of her plush I find cuter than the other ponies, and out of the 3 mostly merchandised ponies (twilight, pinkie and rainbow dash) i like twilight the best. So... that helps.

I'm going to write about them in the order I got them in. :)

SO FIRST UP, 10inch Mangy old funrise sparkle~

Everyone knows these things. Or they should if they know any pony merch. This is the 10in version that was exclusive to WalMart. You can find these now in more retailers (I've seen them in Toys R Us, and Target, albeit with wings now). But its the same doll. Not much to say. Mine is a little more beat up than what you'd normally find because she was one of the first pony plush I ever got. Back when Funrise was it besides a $1938028401410248210 custom. Not much to say about her. There is a lot better twilight plush to pick from available now, definitely.

Second: 6inch Aurora

I think the Aurora ponies are REALLY cute. I'm not a fan of their intrepretation of all the ponies, but I think their take on Twilight is ADORABLE. I like their Rarity too (which I also have). I'd recommend finding one of these to pick out in person, because each one has differences which can really affect how the plush looks.

Third: Ty Spaggle

I... I don't know... This twilight is hilarious to me. the purple in her coat is off by a few shades (look how much she stands out from the others!) Her bangs are way too short which gives her a hilarious mohawk, but otherwise?? I kind of like her. I actually like that Ty used a sparkly thread in the colored parts of their eyes that makes them stand out. I actually picked up Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack in this set recently, and they're all ADORABLE. Fluttershy is probably my favorite, followed by Applejack (who does not have super short bangs like poor twilight) But the Ty ponies actually look pretty good from the front! Which is something a lot of pony plush seem to suffer from...

I actually just got her because we got her in where I worked and I couldn't say no with my employee discount. LololOlo


Actually i think I got this one before the Ty sparkle but I won't change it now!!!! I really like this one too! Despite my not wanting to collect ~princess~ twilight stuff this doll is really cute. Plus I had her made at the BaB workshop in Downtown Disney when Kayla was last visiting, we both got one. :b It was fun.... it actually was also because of the "its either twilight or pinkie or rainbow .........and i like twilight more" is why I have her. :D But I really like her now that I have her. I think her nose/muzzle looks a bit off, but otherwise... cute! I don't hate the hair as much as I thought I would... but I don't see how they work well for kids that cuddle these things. D: I imagine they'd end up like ratty messes in a short amount of time...

Fifth: 10inch Aurora

I actually think this might be my favorite twilight sparkle plush I have. Mostly because of her face. Look how good she looks from the front!! She is adorable! Her bangs are a bit short, and her hair is a bit strangely sewn overall, but I LOVE LOVE her face so much. She has so much personality. And she's really soft. I think she's softer than the other Twilights.

Sixth: 4de Twilight

THIS is my 2nd favortie twilight. Aurora only wins because of the face full of personality, but this one wins evertyhing else. The hair is better, the body pattern is better. Everything else...except the face. Even from the side her eyes are kind of stretched out? It's hard to describe. Still, the 4de is a well made twilight, and everything else about this one stands above the rest, I'll definitely get Fluttershy and Rarity when those two come out in this line. :)

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