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i was organizing pictures in my phone the other day and noticed i took a lot of pictures of my room... and it was funny to me to see how it went from empty blank walls to dan vs taped on every single space... i resized them and now will share here...!

February 3rd

This is pretty much what my room looked like when I moved in. I mean like, right after. The frames went on the wall first because I never even put them in boxes. (i took them over to the new house last in my car lol)

February 4th

I bought some little media stands for my DVDs... then I put some random figures and stuff on top of them too. Added a couple more screen caps and the promo card things.

March 15th

Added in the segment from my favorite part in Family Cruise. Kayla printed these for me while she was visiting in March...

May 4th

Kayla printed out all those caps in the computer lab she works in because it's cheap and they have actually nice printers there. I spent like 27895 years cutting them out, and then re-did the caps in the big frame... I also started sticking my favorite ones along the wall next to my bed.

May 5th

Not too many changes with Dan stuff in this picture. I moved the promotional cards to the other side of the signed poster...

May 7th

As I started sticking the caps Kayla printed out earlier I needed more I added more to the part above my bed, added some to the Dan wall, and then put the rest on a strip of tiny wall above my window.

May 23rd

Another package from Kayla...! This time with the ~special~ signed artifacts from Curtis Armstrong!! (Dan's VA) Signed DVD, signed photo crop Kayla made of Dan getting ready to bust a desk over Imposter Dan (making it 100000% more canon than the dumb people who 'ship it' for no reasons that make sense at all whatsoever shhh this is like the only 'ship' people ever have that legitimately fills me with rage... (also he thought it was funny so +10)) and the SIGNED DAN PRINT....which he actually wrote my name on. my existence has sort of been validated even though i wasn't there when it was signed...!

all of said things immediately found a spot on my wall.

August 27th

i made a magnet board

August 29th

i filled magnet board with vectors kayla and i made as well as the rare dan art people made for me.

September 7th

got this lovely shadowbox in the mail. promptly put it on wall as seen above. had to move the dvd and the desk busting dan to the wall next to the magnet board.

this is how my dan wall currently looks. though there are more screen caps that have been printed that i will find a home for eventually. not 100% sure where they will go yet but there's never enough dan vs.

the end.

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