• Sep. 13th, 2013 at 6:50 PM
antoj: by <user name="antoj">; Dan Vs: Dan (smug)
it's tomorrow!!!11!11!11!!


What's tomorrow!?!? why this of course.

Everyone who asked about coming I have added to the group we will use to chat in. I guess no one can see the group until I send a message to it though, but I will wait until 10~20 minutes before the start of the first airing before sending a message. I am still a little paranoid about bugging people. BUT IT IS THERE ALL READY...!!

The stream will be on another site, and will most likely be passworded which you will be able to get from the chat. Kayla and I don't want random joes from the stream site to wander in and be like what. SO YEAH.

Also I will be on voice chat! My voice is weird and sometimes I stutter when I get excited (chances of this happening are like 100% at some point jsyk) so I just want to ~warn you~ for that. You don't have to join voice chat if you don't want to, but you should still opt into the voice call even if you don't have a mic or you won't be able to hear me (or Kayla or anyone else who happens to be on mic) talking.

I REALLY DON"T KNOW HOW TO SKYPE but this is the things I've been told about it by ~skype veterans~. Honestly I rarely use it myself. So let's hope I don't muck it all up. :D~

I WILL BE ON THE CHAT ALL DAY but i will likely need to charge my head set between showings. It's pretty decent but it can't last 12 hours....lol. I think about 6. I use a slightly squeaky wireless ps3 headset that works lovely on my PC (i have tested this before. it works)

As the other entry says no one has to hang around all day or even for an entire showing. I'm going to see if I can keep the chat subtitle updated with the current episode we're playing because... i want to? Organizational purposes? Unless I forget about updating it which might happen

uh i think that's it. AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE IF YOU SHOW UP!!!! :D

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