Dan Vs Online Watching Party:: MORE INFO

  • Sep. 1st, 2013 at 8:43 PM
antoj: (plotting)

Since not many people suggested a day/time for me I tried to come up with one that I figured would work well for most people...? If it does not and you want to join in PLEASE TELL ME because I really want to do this with a lot of people (or at least just more than Kayla and I because we've seen the entire series too many times to count (not that there is any expiration on enjoyment we get from this show BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN))

blah blah blah i had to cancel my previous day because no one ever thinks i want to do anything and was told i had to be somewhere else on the 7th. And then I guess the original time I picked was awful.

Later on I was looking at a page of movie times and then the idea to just run our playlist a couple times on Saturday at different times would probably work better?

If this is still an awful idea let me know...

Saturday: September 14th 2013

The Times: (click the time (shown in PST) to find what time it is for you)
8am ~ 12pm

1pm ~ 5pm

6pm ~ 10pm

This is the playlist of episodes we will be showing:
- New Mexico
- Animal Shelter
- Elise's Parents
- Golf
- Gigundo-Mart
- Chris
- High School Reunion
- Common Cold
- Family Cruise
- Summer Camp

The 14th is also Kayla's birthday... and so I guess in a way this doubles as a ~party~ for Kayla since she lives 2059829 miles away and we can't hang out. AND SHARING OUR LOVE OF DAN VS WITH EVERYONE ELSE IS SUPER COOL FUN.

Things you should know:
- You don't have to arrive at the time it starts if you don't want to. (Though if a lot of people can't make the time suggested PLEASE TELL ME and I can change it!) I did pick one of the first episodes aired to kind of give a ~starting point~ for the series.

- It's drop-in/drop-out! I picked these ten if you are really dedicated and want to watch all of them, but you don't have to! Especially if it gets late for you. Or if you get bored! Or if you decide that you hate Dan Vs. crycrycry

- We will be using Skype for the chat! If you don't have it, you can download it here. Some of us will likely be using voice chat, but if you don't want to, its cool too! As far as I understand skype allows voice and text in the same chat. I will probably be on MIC. or else a lot of the chat would be stuff typed like this: ogm gjjs i dan vs i just i cant omggomn

- Add me on Skype! I cannot make the chat without your details... My skype name is AJLareneg (predictable)

- Please let me know if you want to do this, and if the current time sounds good! IF this doesn't work for you and you want to come, let me know!. My work schedule is all over the place but I am sure I can find something that will work for most people. I'm taking Saturday the 14th off so I can do this because Dan Vs.

I would very much like for this to work out...! please let me know if there is problems because I'd like to accommodate as many as I can.

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