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ok so this entry is just going to be talking forever about Dan Vs if you don't care scroll on. If you do care about my opinions on this absolutely amazing show then it's under the cut... I painstakingly picked out 10 episodes that were my favorites. I'll have them on a list here as well as reasons why they are my favorites to go with them. :D

I'll start with #10 and work up to #1 (number 1 being my favorite, ok)

10) Season 3, Episode 13: Summer Camp
THIS EPISODE. When I found the description for it in my DVR a few weeks before the episode aired, Kayla and I just about went into a fan-coma. It's about how Dan and Chris first met, and how they became friends.... as kids! It's really cute and I love it so much.

LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously it's also pretty funny. Child Dan is almost more terrifying than his adult counterpart.

The main reason I didn't score this episode higher is because when I get to the end of this episode I'm always like THIS IS ALL OF DAN VS. THIS IS IT. ITS OVER. :'( and it makes me sad haha.

well.. it's still not "officially" canceled, but you know, it doesn't seem good.

Still... if it really is over this is a pretty adorable note to end on if you ask me...... (this is literally the last scene in the episode :x)

9) Season 2, Episode 6: Monster Under the Bed
This episode is hilarious and ridiculous, but I love it. I don't want to spoil it, but the biggest reason I love this episode so much is because of the ending. :D

Also this happens during this episode:

is there already a running theme with this

8) Season 3, Episode 12: Family Cruise

there totally is a theme going on here omg
Also this episode is really special to me because I happened to watch it the first time when Kayla was visiting!? (same for summer camp actually, and funny story, we didn't realize at the time that that was essentially the end of our beloved series...fitting we ended up seeing them together ha.) but i just remember when that scene above played out and we were both like SILENTLY STARING INTENTLY AT THE SCREEN and then afterwards we were just like DID WE JUST WITNESS THE GREATEST THING EVER?????? the answer? Yes.

ANYWAY ABOUT THE EPISODE MORE AND NOT JUST THAT ~one scene~. Chris is going on a cruise with Elise and her parents. Dan wants Chris to go zombie wrestling instead what even is that

And then some stuff happens and Dan accidentally ends up on the cruise and he is angry he's missing beautiful zombie wrestling. obviously being on a cruise is the worst thing any human could ever have to endure.

7) Season 2, Episode 16: Gigundo Mart
Costco Gigundo Mart opens in the area. Chris discovers its his one true love. Dan hates it because it's driving down local businesses and inviting idiots to park in his neighborhood.

This episode is hilarious because of how crazy Chris gets with buying things he doesn't need.

this is the face of someone who clearly has control of his life.

AND because of how disgusted Dan is over Chris having been sucked into it. There's some really funny lines in this episode, including some of the completely ridiculous things Chris buys (6 pack of lawn mowers!). I turned a series of dialoge in this episode into the dumbest joke ever but it still makes me laugh because i think im hilarious so that gets it a +10 also.

6) Season 1, Episode 22: Lemonade Stand Gang
A group of children sets up a lemonade stand in front of Dan's apartment building. Except they run the stand like a crime syndicate and extort people for money (including Dan and Chris). The episode is spent with Dan trying to find ways to get back at children who beat him up.

5) Season 2, Episode 17: Chris
Chris wins a radio contest for a ~real~ prop from he and Dan's favorite movie... however, Dan feels like the prop gun in question belongs to him, since Chris wouldn't have known about the contest (or won, really) without his help. They spend most of this episode trying to one-up each other trying to reclaim the gun throughout the episode.

Also there is one part of this episode that Kayla and I have ruined (read: made better) with inside jokes and I laugh like a maniac at the dumbest thing in this episode now. I'm pretty sure the first time we discovered this both my room mates thought we were insane.

4) Season 2, Episode 7: Golf
I LOVE THE GOLF EPISODE. I don't even know why? When I first saw it (unlike most of the others on this list) I thought it was cool but it wasn't one of my most memorable episodes... but honestly with the amount of times I have watched this one over other episodes on this list makes it earn its place. There is just too much win in this episode ok. JUST TOO MUCH.

GOLF IS SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 dan put your hand back on right this instant

Also did I mention I love Dan's outfit in this episode? Like.....too much???
Also underneath his hat is the most ridiculous top curl on his head.

it kills can't. (and yes this is the only time you see it in the entire episode...but...but just look at it)

3) Season 3, Episode 5: High School Reunion
Is there anything about this episode I don't love forever? NO PROBABLY NOT. Everything about this is amazing. It amazes me how Dan and Chris stayed friends forever and ever despite having such different personalities, and nothing could illustrate it better than this episode. lol. The way they so differently reflect back on ~high school memories~ and all that... its amazing.

2) Season 3, Episode 6: Common Cold
This is an episode I did not expect to like very much when I heard it was going to be a thing. I mean... colds are gross?


and now its one of my favorite episodes ever. Dan gets sick for what he claims to be the first time in his life despite him being shown with a cold at the end of the Canada episode. Dan then tries to ~get revenge~ on the cold ... in his Dan way... and Chris follows him around and he spends most of the episode trying to convince Dan to just go home and rest.

this episode also has a really adorable moment in it that i think i replayed 89532905238 times in a row when i first saw it. REWIND > REWATCH > REWIND > REWATCH like a bunch. srsly. I also watched this episode like 3 times the night it aired and then spent the entire weekend crying because Kayla couldn't watch it yet. (She doesn't have the HUB, and had to wait for Amazon video to upload it. lol) IT WAS THE MOST AGONIZING THING EVER because ...... because dan vs. you don't understand how much we love this show do you

1) Season 1, Episode 5: Animal Shelter
ANIMAL. SHELTER. this is easiest spot on the list. Everything else I was like OHHHHHH WHAT DO I PUT WHAT DO I PUT. but this one?? my number one. easily. by far. I've seen this one like 20 times minimum. MINIMUM.

Basically you know how I mentioned in Common Cold how Dan gets sick and Chris follows him around trying to convince him to rest so he gets better? Well. In Animal Shelter, Chris gets sick and this is what Dan does for him:

greatest friend ever award goes to......

But it's hilarious because Dan talks for sick Chris... and he just pretends they are having a grand old fun adventure while Chris is just....dead. dying. whatever. he's fine.

Also Mr. Mumbles makes her debut in this episode!!! everyone's favorite kitty.

episodes i almost put on the list but for some reason or another i liked these other ones better...

s1e2 New Mexico
s1e16 Elise's Parents
s2e3 Neighbors
s2e5 Bank
s2e1 Family Thanksgiving
s2e12 Stupidity

AND NO. I don't really care for the imposter dan episodes anymore. i used to like them but the fandom ruined the character for me. HAHA its so funny to make things out of character isn't it!?!? no, i hate everyone

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