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vidya games 2011 thing

  • Dec. 30th, 2011 at 9:18 PM
antoj: (charlie trololol)
SUP FLIST. this post i am going to talk about the video games i played over the course of this year, and such. its basic 100% uninteresting to everyone except me so i won't be upset if you skip this.

i only play dumb games no one else plays anyway :D

GAMES I PLAYED IN 2011. The timeline. Only listing games I started playing the first time in 2011, also only listing the month I first started playing them. Most of them I continued to play after the month they came out. THIS KEEPS THE LIST MORE ORGANIZED THO.

Fallout: New Vegas sort of counts. i started dec 2010 ok but w/e
LittleBigPlanet 2


Killzone 3
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

Half-life 2 (PS3)

LA Noire

inFamous 2
WipEout HD

i probably spent time this month or so replaying inFamous. I know I re-beat it again sometime in 2011 but i forget when :D


Resistance 3

Sly Cooper 1
Sly Cooper 2
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
Sly Cooper 3
inFamous: Festival of Blood
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Uncharted 3

Portal 2
i also got Red Dead Redemption this year, but unless I play it tonight or tomorrow, this will be on the 2012 list

Total: 19

Of these titles I completed (story mode) all of them except: LA Noire, WipEout HD and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

Of these titles I got these ones to 100% (platinum trophy) completed: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, Half-Life 2 (not the episodes though), inFamous 2, Resistance 3, Sly Pooper 1-3, inFamous: Festival of Blood and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Number of Times I Completed Each Game:
Fallout: New Vegas: 1
LittleBigPlanet 2: 1
Killzone 3: 1
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time: ...i..i forget. At least 4.
Portal (PROBABLY): 1
Half-life 2 (PS3): 1
LA Noire: 0
inFamous 2: 2.5 shocking.
WipEout HD: 0
Resistance 3: 4.5
Sly Cooper 1: 1
Sly Cooper 2: 1
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: 0
Sly Cooper 3: 1
inFamous: Festival of Blood: 1
Deus Ex: Human Revolution: 3.5
Uncharted 3: 1
Portal 2: 1

So games I completed the most... Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. and you guys wonder why Insomniac is my favorite game dev lollo

Most Anticipated Title: UH. inFamous 2. Followed veeeeery closely by Resistance 3. I had count down timers on my phone for both of these.

Biggest Letdown: PROBABLY LA NOIRE. I was really excited by this game but then it turns out i am 100000000000% horrible at it and it makes me want to throw my ps3 at a wall so i stopped playing it and then accidentally other games. IT SITS ON MY SHELF TELLING ME TO PLAY IT and im just like NO YOU MADE ME MAD AND ANGRY. also the ending got spoiled for me so i lost motivation.

otherwise inFamous 2 left me feeling kind of uhm...let down. a lot. I ended up replaying inFamous 1 after I beat it. It's also probably a huge reason why I haven't played it anymore than I have already yet. I mean I have played inFamous 1 IDK HOW MANY TIMES ANYMORE but at least 10 or 15 or so. i have the platinum trophy in inFamous 1 twice.

Killzone 3 was super epic but when it ended I was literally left staring at my screen like " just ended?" BCUZ IDK IT WAS SUDDENLY OVER. IT JUST ENDED. THE END. its hard to describe w/o you having play the game but trust me its kind of awkward.

Also Resistance 3's ending left me kind of :c but I've grown more fond of it after playing it 45830893 times. i still tear up at the credits tho bcuz bawwww most depressing games

Most Surprising Game: I want to say the Valve titles I played. I just...IDK MAN. IDK HOW I MISSED ON THESE FOR SO LONG. Half-Life 2 is easily one of my favorite games now...and I am like years late to this party. where is half-life 3 btw and Portal 2 has been a complete blast. I CANNOT WAIT TO PLATINUM TROFIE DAT.

Favorite Game of 2011: UHM. UHMMMMM. idk how i pick. NO ITS NOT GONNA BE INFAMOUS 2, BEFORE YOU ASSUME FOR ME. :D I know its kind of shocking and I do love that game but I love the first one about 9000x more. They changed too much stuff in inFamous 2 for my taste its hard not to notice when you played the first one so much D: srsly the best part of inFamous 2 was Zeke. idk who that guy was you played as but it really wasn't the Cole I knew. :I and no, giving him a haircut didn't turn him into inFamous 1 Cole even though mostly everyone thinks that did the trick

I THINK I MIGHT SAY DEUS EX, ACTUALLY. Really hard choice though. Close seconds definitely Resistance 3, Half-Life 2 or Ratchet: Crack in Time (see a trend between this list and the "what i played the most")

Top 5 Favorite Characters:
1) ZEKE DUNBAR from inFamous 2. no one can win him at being coolest bro to ever bro. no one. i don't even have to give reasons. IDK WHY HE'S MAGICALLY SHORTER IN THIS GAME but his personality is pretty much the same unlike cole. I do miss his hilariously unrelated to anything Zeke stories though. I BET THEY TOOK THEM OUT BCUZ PEOPLE WHINED ABOUT ZEKE BEING "ANNOYING" IN THE FIRST GAME. gtfo haters i liked zeke before it was cool to like zeke. cashola.

2) David Sarif from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. surely i can't be the only one. i have many reasons for this. i could bore you with them all but i won't bcuz im sure you like ur sanity. let's just say i've over analyzed all the things in this game and they all point to sarif being an awesome dude.

3) Charlie Tent from Resistance 3: OH CHARLIE. oh man. I played Resistance 3 the first time in Sept when it came out, and I thought to myself, you know this Charlie fellow is a pretty cool guy. Then I went on with my life. BUT THEN I REPLAYED THE GAME LIKE 20 TIMES THIS MONTH and suddenly charlie is the COOLEST DUDE. he's also a huge troll who trolls you throughout the game with magic. things like "LOOK UP THERE" and when you do he runs off letting you get gunned to death by chimera. or things like "OH THIS DOOR NEEDS TO OPEN LETS FIND POWER CORES" and he waits for you to leave before suddenly realizing the door opens on its own and he runs through it. the last play i did he HERDED STEELHEADS RIGHT INTO MY FACE AND HAD ME GUNNED DOWN BY THEM. (only to say "Oh hey, you made it" thanks charlie) or when you have to protect him and he's like "ILL FOLLOW YOU" but as soon as you open the door he runs out into direct gunfire in 2.9 seconds and then bitches about being shot at. he is still the best though. my friends and i have re-named him "Charlie Trololol" because its how he rolls. he's also the icon im using to post this entry with

4) Boone from Fallout: New Vegas. HE IS ONE OF THE COMPANIONS YOU PICK UP IN THE GAME. tbh i didn't think i would like him, but i took him in my game bcuz i wanted a pack-mule i am a hoarder in fallout, what can i say but then he annihilated all the things w/ 0 effort and i was like WOW UR SO COOL and then i got attached to him and now idk if i could play the game without him. yep.

5) Jorhan Stahl from Killzone 3: this guy. ever since i saw some of the trailers with him i already thought he seemed like a cool guy. playing Killzone 3 has only told me, he is in fact, a cool guy. In fact, he is my PSN avatar right now because no one else on this list besides Zeke is available as PSN avatars I need to replay Killzone 3 just to remember the exact level of awesome this guy is.

Game that induced the most rage: Uhm. Either Sly Cooper (any of them) or Uncharted 3, honestly. Uncharted 3 had moments where it's like LETS SPAWN YOU, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THOUSANDS OF GUNFIRE, that's ok right. and its like ROOOOOOOARRRRRR. and sly cooper i just idek. pooper.

Game I want to get back to eventually in 2012: inFamous 2. Killzone 3. inFamous: Festival of Blood. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Fallout: New Vegas.

Games from previous years I replayed (at some point) in 2011 Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, inFamous. i have such a bad memory there was probably more but i 100% remember playing these again




if you read all of this you're special.


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Dec. 31st, 2011 05:54 am (UTC)
anto in the last two days i played a game called el shaddai

my brain is full of what

i don't know what happened mostly, but my eyes had multiple orgasms

otherwise this is cool and i would do it but i don't remember since i played a lot of games. ):
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Dec. 31st, 2011 05:56 am (UTC)
YEA I DIDN'T REMEMBER A LOT but it was easy since most of mine were new releases...also trophies so i could look through my playfire profile and see what i played.

i am almost sure i played through all the ratchet and clank titles in early this year but i forgot so i just left them off.

BUT I HAVENT HEARD OF EL SHADDAI. is it a good full of what or no?
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Dec. 31st, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)

i liked it enough to beat it in 2 days even if it is only like 10 hours. its just super strange. it is inspired by the bible and you're a human who is just SO RIGHTEOUS that god employs you as his scribe for eternity but then oops a bunch of angels want to get it on with humans so they go down to earth and have little deformed nubbin babies, so god sends you down there to kill the dumb angels. and this guy is there to help you, and his cell phone rings and man oh man he's just talking to god on the phone and CATCH YA LATER, GOD. everything is trippy, like you did acid, picked up a bible, but then put it down and picked up a sword instead.





one of the art directors was from okami or something. so anyway yeah basically the humans all worship the bad angels and you have to kill them all and humanity hates you forever.

some of the fighting takes a long time though, its okami style but you can't run. the difficulty levels actually mean "how long to you want to spend hitting stuff until it dies" so i picked normal (the default is easy). so i spent like 50% of the game taking forever to kill anything.

but oddly enough i could not pull away

i don't

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Dec. 31st, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)
I want to do this but my games completed sections are going to look pretty pathetic. accidentally too many games BUT WHATEVER MAYBE I'LL DO IT ANYWAY.

I also agree 100% with your top 5 favorite characters because yes. Especially Sarif :D as if that wasn't obvious I also agree about the Killzone 3 ending...I remember putting the controller down and just going "wat wait it's over" with much confusion. And of course inFamous 2...gtfo sir shanksalot. why does everyone love you i don't even understand

I also just realized if I do this, my "Game I want to get back to eventually in 2012" will be about five miles long too. oops.
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Dec. 31st, 2011 07:13 am (UTC)
I JUST WROTE THIS UP AS I DID IT LMAO. bcuz i saw everyone posting new years memes and stuff and i was like NEEDS MOAR VIDEO GAMES so i did my own questionnaire but mine is cooler bcuz vidya.

YOU PROBS PLAYED MORE GAMES THAN I DID THOUGH. :( That's why I could complete a lot more of them lol.

YEA KILLZONE 3. I JUST WHAT EVEN. i still wanna replay it though. i remember it being pretty fun and stahl is a cool guy and i've forgotten a lot of what happens in it. and trophies and lmfao IDG NEW COLE IN INFAMOUS 2 EITHER OK. luckily zeke was there to balance it out and there were times i was ok with him but for the most part i was like BUT WHERE DID COLE GO.

[identity profile] wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2011 07:23 am (UTC)
WELL I'M STEALING IT :D :D :D :D /dealwithit.gif

YEAH I DID. Not too many more...well. At least only counting games that I started this year. :I I'm still finishing games from last year...

lmfao yeah I want to replay it too. I think I remember most of what happens but a refresher would be nice. And then Stahl of course :D I need to finish replaying Killzone 2 too at some point. so many games and yes thank you SPP for Zeke because he made everything in inFamous 2 better. We will just have to forever mourn original Cole is all :'(

HOPEFULLY. I wanted to play more during my break but I've been lazy about it. I need to just play everything without being a completionist for in-game shit and trophies/achievements but it's so hard. :( I hope when my semester starts it's not ultra busy though or I won't end up getting to anything until summer...and by then I'll have at least three more games added to the list too.
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 3rd, 2012 12:56 am (UTC)
luckily ive finished most of my titles...but i do not have as many games as you do. LOL. most of the ones i bought i finished as i bought them... POOR BIOSHOCK THOUGH i need to beat it this year for reals! i would say before infinite comes out but they look almost entirely unrelated so i dont have to. :D:D:D

also collecting trophies is so fun! i cannot stop. though the games where it looks impossible i dont even try to collect them. like Resistance 2... I will never get that, so i dont even try. LOL. i wish more games would have single player only trophies.. i looked at the trophies for Killzone 3 and it has too many multiplayer ones, so i probably wont get that one anyway :\ I like how Insomniac did for Resistance 3. much nicer!
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 3rd, 2012 01:15 am (UTC)
yeah. yeahhhh. I have all of the games ever so LOL. you really do need to finish bioshock, though :'c it's so good. And yeah, Infinite takes place like ~30 years before Bioshock iirc so they won't really have anything to do with each other :'D

it really is. I like to try and get all the non-ridiculous single player trophies in the games I really enjoy but at the same time I need to stop because I don't have the time to do it for every single game. :(

I wish more games had single player only trophies too. Resistance 3 was definitely the best recently, so I hope Insomniac continues that trend with future game. Naughty Dog does really well with trophies too. But yeah Killzone 2 and 3s ridic multiplayer achievements will forever make me sad :( y u do dat, guerrilla games.
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 3rd, 2012 01:29 am (UTC)
FFF i will ok. the bits i played i was already like OMGWOW. so idk why i didnt finish it yet. :'c I WILL THOUGH. i need to!!!!!1

and psh why stop if its fun ok. I MEAN RLY.

I am so glad they toned down their trophies. LOL. seriously though they usually always do pretty good with their trophy stuff. Insomniac has often included "skill points" in their games before trophies were around (resistance 1 has them, and all their ratchet games) and they're all pretty much do-able also. SO IDG WHY THEY DID THAT WITH THE R2 THING. though lmfao its funny bcuz in one of their full moon podcasts they did they talked about the 10k kills trophy and were like YEA IDK WHO DID THAT IDKIDK and making fun of it being the worst idea ever. so at least they know!

ITS KINDA BALLS bcuz i was thinking killzone 3 might be a fun one to plat but then...yea i saw those trophies and was like YEA NO. :D NEXT. lmfao. ill find more games to plat. just you wait.
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Dec. 31st, 2011 10:53 am (UTC)
David Sarif is best, no arguments.
[identity profile] wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)
That's what happens when you get old, I'm afraid...

I hear you on rage-quitting games. I have a few games that everyone assures me are amazing, but I'm just like "no, I keep dying and it makes me angry. I refuse." They've been sitting on my shelves for months (or years, in a few cases). I feel like I need to finish them, but at the same time, I would prefer to actually have FUN when I play video games.
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 3rd, 2012 12:51 am (UTC)
LOL. but this game takes place almost exactly after inFamous 1. ITS NOT BEEN THAT LONG.

no i completely agree! some games are ok to be challenging, and if its rewarding enough (or if i feel its possible to do) i will keep trying...but when it comes down to it, games are supposed to be fun. D:
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Dec. 31st, 2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
If I did a video game recap for 2011, my list would be rather sad. The only games I really played were Pokemon Black and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I do have Skyward Sword, but I have barely had time to really get into it. Besides I am kind of stuck at this villain dude, who looks like the love child of Magus from Chrono Trigger and Kadaj from FFVII: Advent Children. The idiot keeps grabbing my sword and he won't let me nail him with it. I kept whacking at him until I got all sweaty and my deodorant failed, sad I know!

Besides, thanks to some super awesome online friend I will be soon playing Dues EX: Human Revolution and finding out just how cool David Sarif really is! It is about 41% loaded now...slow download is slow, but I guess it would go faster if I was not visiting LJ and listening to iTunes?! XD
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Jan. 3rd, 2012 12:53 am (UTC)
ITS OK! games is like my onyl hobby lately it seems....LOL. i wrote this all up for myself bcuz im a huge nerd and i wanted to see if wasting my life playing games could actually make a neat stat sheet.

I HOPE YOU ENJOY ITTTTTTTTTTTTT. steam can be kind of slow to download the things especially right now because of their winter sale (though i think it ended...) so a lot of people were doing the things.
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 3rd, 2012 05:00 pm (UTC)
Nothing wrong with a gaming hobby, I use to be that way myself! I would still be, if Rodney was not in my life, LOL!! XD

I am sure I will!! Deus Ex is now 100% downloaded, it finished New Year's Eve. Once I finish playing Ocarina of Time, then I will take my laptop to Rodney's in the evening and play Deus Ex. I am just one of those, that does not like to play more then one game at a time...:P

Oh, look what I found on eBay:

Yes, I already have an autograph pic...but mine has some damage. Whay can't people take care of things?! I was thinking of submitting an offer, but I don't know?! It was as if the damaged autograph pic and I were meant for each other...:3

Also, the signature looks different, but I know over the years one's autograph can change. I am sure by now, that Gary Oldman is tired of signing his name. Even though I am not famous, I know I sure am...
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 3rd, 2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
Oh yay! Do let me know what you think when you start it. :D I can see the bit about wanting to stay on one game at a time. I generally feel the same way, unless its one I've already played before, or if its for multiplayer with friends or something. But otherwise...yeah.

oohh. It says it comes with a COA though, so that should be something. Hmmm. How damaged is yours? I think if yours is pretty bad it might be worth it, that, or if the damage really bugs you.
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 3rd, 2012 11:40 pm (UTC)
I most certainly will!! I'm pretty wrapped-up in the Ocarina of Time story right now. I still have not had time for Skyward Sword anymore, I'll have to refresh my memory on how the controls work again. So many buttons...:P

Speaking of Deus EX, the soundtrack you got for Christmas is that the longer version?!

Yeah, I saw that and they promise to buy it back if it is proven fake. So, again I think Gary Oldman's autograph has changed over the years. Then again, it is hard to say which autograph is the oldest, mine or theirs?!

The one I have also has a COA and as for the damage, the photo has some dents in it. You really can't tell they are there since I framed it. The worst part is where the autograph was rubbed of in a few small spots. Here is a pic of mine:

The pic itself had some smudges, which I was able to clean off. I just dare not touch-up the autograph...

I was figuring to offer $50.00 for they have another Gary Oldman autograph on their website for $45.00.
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 6th, 2012 05:39 am (UTC)
Oh man, I have this issue switching games too. LOL I will press the wrong button trying to do something and be like OH WAIT......wrong game! Actually sometimes it is bad if that button happens to be the grenade button and you blow yourself up. The worst is when you change games in the same series and they change the controls.......WHY!? (resistance comes to mind, each one, Resistance 1, 2 and 3 change the controls slightly between games). Its so confusing!!

Yours looks like its still pretty nice. :D hmmm..... I think you should go for it if you really would like another one. I know there is a few items in my collection that are kinda dinged up I'd like to replace someday too...
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 6th, 2012 05:34 pm (UTC)
Though Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword are on two different systems I was having button confusion! I am finally on the "master quest" with Ocarina of Time. I kicked Ganon's butt all over the screen the other night. For some reason Ganondorf/Ganon is one of those characters I love to hate! XD

I have blown myself up plenty of time, like when stupid Link won't get rid of the bomb even though I pushed the button to do so. The funniest was when a Like Like ate me right after I tossed a bomb inside of it!! Link went flying out of the monster and I laughed my head off...xXD

Mine does look pretty nice and if someone goes in my bedroom and sees it, they would never know. As much as I would love a spiffy mint one, I will have to hold off. Sage needs a new cage way more right now, why must he grow so fast?! :P

The best would be, if I ever get to go to some convention where Gary Oldman is signing autographs. I know he is at Comic Con from time to time...;)
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 8th, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
Oh man, the end of Ocarina of Time is great. :D Its one of the few games I've played a bunch of times over now. I'd like to play the 3ds version eventually but I'm not willing to buy the system right now because....well...ocarina of time is the only game I want on it!

LOL. that sounds pretty amusing, actually. I hate those like likes though. :'C One time one of them ate my tunic I needed and then ran off the edge of a cliff (like seriously?) and I had to leave to go buy another one. SUCH JERKS.

Hahah. Well that's good then! If yours is pretty minty I'd probs hold off too... Honestly the item I want to replace is not in awful condition, just the spine of it is bent a little...but all the better condition replacements cost so much... same reason I haven't gotten it.

Oh yea? That would be pretty awesome! i've kind of wanted to go to comic con for a while now, but the one near me is kind of hard to get into. :I the tickets sell out way in advance.
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 8th, 2012 11:56 pm (UTC)
I never played Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, though all these years I have had a Nintendo Power poster on my wall showing a scene from the series. This is going to sound stupid, but I was having a hard time accepting Ganon/Ganondorf as being a human. Though, I had no idea that he became a bad ass demonic boar in the final battle. The funny thing is, I now really like Ganondorf in his human form. Well, the Ocarina of Time Ganondorf that is. Me and my soft spot for baddies! The one from Twilight Princess reminds me of "Father" from FMA: Brotherhood. Why did the change his design?! Don't they know that big noses are cool, especially in 3D...XD

Online I have seen some comparison pics of how the game use to look. They did an amazing job with the 3D version, right now I am doing the Master Quest! Your Like Like experience made me LOL!! I take much joy in the killing them...

Again, I feel the autograph I have was meant for me. I would like to get a replacement for the Zorg phonecard Multipass I have. Mine had more damage then I like, the good thing is they are not hard to find! Good luck with the book...;)

I have always wanted to go to a con of some sorts. A place where I can be myself and no one would care...XD
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 9th, 2012 12:08 am (UTC)
I played it on the N64...and then had the gamecube disc versions too! :D Ocarina of Time alwaysssssss. Before inFamous came around, that was probably the game I played the most amount of times. I still love it. Also I agree, Ganondorf actually has a pretty cool design. the Ocarina of Time one is usually the one I think of first, because I played that game, in 3d Zelda titles anyway.. it was the first one I beat to completion...and we got it when I was younger. :D haha.

I've seen some of the comparison pictures! This is a huge reason why I'd love to play the 3DS one eventually. That and I hear equipping the iron boots is a tap of a button instead of pausing and switching menus like in the console version.......i want to see this. LOL.

MULTIPASS? lol that sounds kind of awesome. |D

cons are pretty cool! I like being able to wear goofy things to them. I've usually gone to Anime Expo in the past...but I'd like to try going to a game convention someday. One of the biggest ones is held in the same place as Anime Expo, but sadly its not open to the public so that kinda crosses it off the list. :(
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 9th, 2012 05:06 pm (UTC)
I found something online that said in the N64 version, Ganondorf use to spit out blood. Now, it is this green stuffs like snot. Why did they take out the blood?! The only Legend of Zelda game I had ever played was, "A Link to the Past." I use to play that game over and over again! Why is Zelda such an addicting series?! Wow, a time before inFamous...was there such a thing?! Ganondorf's horse in Ocarina of Time is bad ass too! I found out they made a figure set that includes his horse:

One day, I will find the set for an affordable price and repaint it for I have a feeling the paint job is not the best. I also need an icon of Ganondorf on his horse. Look at this figure of Link I found:

Not only is the price LOL worthy, but so is the pose...XD

Now that I think about it, I think the only reason I really wanted a 3DS was to play Ocarina of Time 3D. That and I found the Zelda edition one to be spiffy looking! I mean, I'd love to get some other 3D games, like Mario. Though, the reviews said it was to short. Yes, you can put on the iron boots just by tapping a button or the screen! Though, I never played to original so I can't compare the game play sadly.

I do not think I took a picture of my Zorg Multipass?! The UK got a set of 4 Fifth Element phone cards, that look like Multipasses. Of course, the Zorg one is the only one that interests me...:P

A place where I can wear goofy things and not get stared out, that would be nice. I naturally dress goofy, so I get a lot of odd looks. Then why have the con, if it is not open to the public?! Is there a way to win tickets?!

This got long...xXD
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 11th, 2012 02:03 am (UTC)
Yup he did! They changed it in some of the later N64 carts, if I remember right.. they also changed the music in the Fire Temple, and the symbols the Gerudos use on their huts and stuff. I'm mostly upset about the fire temple though. D: The original music is really cool. Luckily our N64 cart is one of the earlier ones, so it has the original music and all that... but any new ones dont have it anymore.

I remember those figures, actually...I have a Link that came out around the same time as that Ganondorf. It was one of my favorite figures for a long time. :'D It has a lot of play damage though...because I got it around when we got the game. lol. I never ended up with Ganondorf though.

Yea, Ocarina of Time 3DS is the only reason I want one too. I just don't want to spend the money on a system if I only want one game though. :c Especially with the PS Vita coming out soon, and it already has 3 confirmed titles I am very interested in... its a little bit more expensive than the 3DS, but if I'd play it more it makes more sense to me to buy it for that. Besides, the last time I bought a system for one game I kind of regretted it. If 3DS has more games in the future I want I might pick one up... but for now I am leaning much more towards PSVita. and i like sony. actually, if they made an inFamous game on vita i would buy it even if it was the only game i wanted. LOL

THE IRON BOOTS THING SOUNDS SO HANDY ;__; the original item equip screen was in the pause menu. So you'd have to pause the game every 2 steps with how often you had to put on/remove the iron boots. It wasn't super bad, but hearing that they made it a one button press I am kind of like....REALLY!? lol.

I wouldnt mind seeing a picture of the multipass...that actually sounds kind of cool. |D

I AM NOT SURE IF YOU CAN WIN E3 TICKETS... they do cover all the press conferences live on TV and the internet. Last year I sat around glued to my TV all day watching the press conferences...sure its not the same as being there in person but at least I get the information live and as shown...:D

[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 11th, 2012 07:00 pm (UTC)
Don't they know that blood is so much cooler looking the pea soup?! Why try to fix something that is not broke?! Now, I am curious about the original Fire Temple music. Sadly, I no longer have my N64 for I sold it why I lived in the adult home. I need the $$$...;_;

I was deprived of The Legend of Zelda merchandise, but I do remember seeing the figures for sale at an Electronic Boutique store. Though, I never saw the figures packaged with the horses. There are some zukan like sets being released, though the first wave is just different version of Link and Zelda from various games. Maybe, if the first wave sells well, there will be more sets to come in the future?!

Knowing my luck they will only make a new figure of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker Ganondorf. Apparently, the one from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are one in the same?! Ganon has a long life supposedly. What I don't get is the nose, unless he had a nose job while he was locked away in the Dark World?! I hate when they really mess with a characters design!! >:(

I understand the logic behind your reasons. With me, I grew-up with Nintendo so I tend to be more into games made just for their systems. The rumor mill has it, that another Zelda game is being made for the 3DS...;)

Speaking of iron boots, I had those winged boots!! They make Link (I actually named him Zorg, which should come as no surprise! Though, when I get mad at him, his name is Link!) slip all over the place. Which sucks, for the platforms I have to reach are often narrow and surrounded by a bottomless pit!

I'll have to take a pic once I get my bedroom back in order! Honestly, I am suprised I never did post a pic. I just looked over my past Zorg collection posts and nothing...O_o

There is probably some kind of random contest somewhere?! One where you get a VIP pass. Then again, I could be wrong! It maybe something to look into, for I agree being there in person would be way cooler! I just foudn this:

I'm not sure if it was legit?!

[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 13th, 2012 03:12 am (UTC)
Some people got offended by least this was before the days where they could patch games via downloads, so they are unable to remove it from the older ones. :) Even the later N64 carts have it removed... but like I said, I got mine closer to when it launched so I've pretty much got the original version somewhere. Sadly, my GCN copies are more accessible (IDK where the N64 is) so I haven't heard it in-game in a while either. :c

This is the original Fire Temple music btw!
the difference is the chanting in it...which honestly I think is really cool! they removed it though because it's actually muslim, i believe, and people were offended. :\

LOL I HEAR YOU ON CHARACTER DESIGN........look at cole. poor cole.

I grew up with Nintendo too, actually. Before my PS3, I was Nintendo all the way. I actually never even had a PS2 because I loved my Gamecube... but idk, something about the Wii... I just... I don't know. Plus I had been interested in the Resistance games for PS3 for a while, so I saved up for one and got it much fun. SO MANY GAMES! i always liked games, but my PS3 made me like them more than I already did.

LOL THE HOVER BOOTS.....YEAAAAAAAAH. they're fun like that. :D i can imagine it was probably harder to control on the 3ds somehow too... i've not messed around wiht one but it seems like those hand helds don't have as accurate analog sticks as console controllers do.

ohhhh yeah. You can probably win contests and stuff to go to it... but otherwise you can't buy a ticket unless you're employed in the VG industry because it's mostly a trade show. It didn't use to be, but I think attendance numbers got too high, so they stopped selling tickets to the public. :(
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 13th, 2012 05:57 pm (UTC)
I remember when Mortal Kombat first came out and all the controversy the violence caused!! Sadly, I never really got to play MK but I did play Primal Rage. You could eat your little worshipers for life energy and the one gorilla, Chaos would do burping and farting attacks. His one finishing move was called, "The Golden Shower!" I guess Zelda 64 came out when the rating system for games was still young?!

Ah, I was getting ready to say that sounds the same until I heard the chanting. Apparently, it translates to "I bear witness that there is no God, only Allah." Which makes no sense with a Zelda game, for Allah has nothing to do with the series. Maybe if it said, "I bear witness that there is no God, only the Demon King?!" Though, that would of caused a stink too I'm sure. I will admit, the chanting is cool and eerie!

You said that Cole shrank in height, LOL!! Maybe, he is older then he looks for as we age we supposedly shrink...XD

We had a PS and PS2, but I was still hooked on Nintendo but never owned a Gamecube. Maybe, it is the graphics?! PS3 is way more realistic then the cartoon like Wii!

I have found that the control button is pretty easy to use. I guess it is a matter of getting use to it?! I just know the hover boots are a pain in a tight spot. Did the original Ocarina of Time have a Master Quest?! That is what I have been working on now...

I read something where they were thinking of opening E3 to the public again, but I guess that fell through?!

[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 16th, 2012 02:33 am (UTC)
Yea I think that was before the ESRB came around... honestly I'm not sure when they started rating games..

Actually, I don't really care what it ended up translating to, but that was the reason people didn't like it. I think it was the muslim people that got offended. I forget how it works but there is something that they don't like parts of their religion put into media... something.. eh. I know another game (littlebigplanet) got delayed to remove a song with muslim lyrics in it as well.

My dad bought a PS but I didn't have many games for it outside of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro... I was mostly on Nintendo. :'D ...As for the Wii, graphics don't make a huge impact on me, its the gameplay I usually like...I am just not a fan of motion controls...and honestly there is few and far between on decent Wii games. By the time any of them had come out I'd already invested in a PS3...and I have enough games on that. Nintendo's new console doesn't pique my interest at all either. I will probably skip it.

Actually, Master Quest isn't on the N64 cart, it was released as a seperate cart in japan if i remember right.. but the gamecube disc version i have came with master quest on it. :)

I had heard that too, but a quick search kind of makes it look like they're not going to.. its ok though.. I dont think I could afford to go this year anyway. :b
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 16th, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
Apparently, video game ratings began in 1993 but it took a few years for them to work the kinks out. It doesn't effect me for I am old enough, which means I should know better. Thus, I can buy whatever games I want...XD

I downloaded a 5 minute long recording of the original Fire Temple music. My neighbors probably think I am in here doing some kind of Muslim ritual now. Then again, I don't blast my music the way the woman next to me does. Apparently, the reason why the music was changed has never been truly revealed:

My step-father liked playing Spyro, I never played it much for I was into Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3. Now that you mention it, the Wii does not have a lot of titles that really "wow" me! I own very little games for the system, but I do have to following:

Wii Fit
Mario Kart Wii
Super Mario Bros. Wii
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Pokemon Battle Revolutions - very boring...

I won more DS games then Wii games and like you the new console does not interest me. The fact I am broke has something to do with that too, LOL!! XD

From what I read there might be some differences in the 3DS OoT Master Quest?! I am at the Spirit Temple right now, so not to much longer and I will be done. Though, I am missing 2 of those golden cursed spiders...>:(

Well, maybe if and when they do open E3 back to the public you will have the funds to go...;)
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 16th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
Oh did it? I don't seem to remember it when I was growing up playing games...but now days it is on all games... but it doesn't make a difference in the titles I buy. LOL. The majority of the titles I buy anymore seem to be M rated games. c_c i wonder why..

I just watched that odd. I'm super curious now but I guess we won't ever know. LOL. I'm kind of disappointed though because the original one is my favorite version. D: It could be because it was the one I heard the most playing the game when I was younger on our N64. We didn't have the gold cart version but we had the version right after it.

Yea I have..Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart Wii and that's really. my PS3 collection though.. e_e uhm well. I have 28 unique games. I've had my PS3 since 2008, and my Wii since...when it launched (2006...? 2007? i forget) ...kind of sad.

Its funny you mention handhelds too because I got a PSP first because of one game I really wanted, and only ended up with about 4-5 games for it..and my DS has at least double that. :b LOL. But this time around it looks like PSVita might have more than 3DS that interest me. HMMM. Still not sure, but Vita already has 4 games that look interesting to me and its barely reaching launch. :o I am kind of hoping that an inFamous games makes it to the handheld. A lot of Sony's other IPs have games on it in development so it doesnt seem far fetched.

....but also my PSP has less games because I hacked my PSP early on (because it lacked games LOL) so i can technically play any game on it. even SNES games lol

HAHA that reminds me! I always liked the do the temples out of order, just because I find it amusing. :b You can beat the Spirit Temple before the water temple and shadow temple (as long as you get far enough in the water temple to get the long shot). Its kind of amusing.

I hope so. It would be so amazing.. ;-;

Edited 2012-01-16 10:48 pm (UTC)
[identity profile] wrote:
Jan. 16th, 2012 11:09 pm (UTC)
From what I briefly read, it took time before video games began to receive the ratings. This great Government of ours got involved, so a lot of kinks needed to be ironed out. You can read about it here:

I briefly scanned over what it said, short attention span is short...XD

The Fire Temple music will forever be one of the great mysteries of our time! It is like when they changed Princess Toadstool's name to "Peach." I hate the change for I grew-up knowing her as Toadstool, damn it! It also makes more since with the whole Mushroom Kingdom thing...:P

I was reading about SUper Smash Brothers, for Melee has the OoT Ganondorf. Though, I do not know if the game is compatible with the Wii?! Some GameCube games are...

I feel my small stack of games is sad too, at least the Wii Fit helped me lose weight!

I have never owned a PSP, instead I got a black DS Lite. I then sold it so I could afford a blue DSi, which I sold to get a 3DS. I will never sell my Zelda edition 3DS though! Hum, inFamous 3 for PSVita anyone?! 3DS titles are lacking a bit, but I hope that changes. Some games are just ol' 64 games, like StarFox! I mean, I loved StarFox but I want something fresh! I do not think they even cleaned-up the graphics like the did OoT?!

How can you play SNES games on a PSP?! I still have my old SNES...XD

I actually have been doing that on the Master Quest, I got bored with the water temple and went off playing in other temples! Though, I could not go to the fire temple, for you need the fire arrows. Well, I did a little of the fire temple, until I could not go any further! With the regular quest, I did the fire temple before the water one. Now, I did go to the well way before I had to the first time around. It was fun ticking off the fellow in the windmill! What a goofy little dude...:3

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